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Phobia Funny and Interesting Phobias

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1 Phobia Funny and Interesting Phobias
Submitted by Marissa Uphaus, Resident Assistant, Ball State University

2 Angrophobia The fear of being angry

3 Zoophobia The fear of zoo animals

4 Peladophodia The fear of bald people

5 Ablutophobia The fear of bathing

6 Alektorophobia The fear of chickens

7 Chronomentrophobia The fear of clocks

8 Pediophobia The fear of dolls

9 Panophobia Fear of everything

10 Xenophobia The fear of foreigners or strangers

11 Genuphobia The fear of knees

12 Pentheraphobia The fear of mother-in-law

13 Nomatophobia The fear of aames

14 Arachibutyrophobia The fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth

15 Phobophobia The fear of having a phobia

16 Papaphobia The fear of The Pope

17 Ephebiphobia The fear of teenagers

18 Automatonophobia The fear of wax statues

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