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1 Studynomics

2 Take Responsibility for yourself!
Recognize that in order to succeed you need to make decisions about your priorities, your time, and your resources Taken from:

3 Consider yourself in a win-win situation
When you contribute your best to a class, you, your fellow students, and even your teacher will benefit. Your grade can then be one additional check on your performance Taken from:

4 Look for Better Solutions to Problems
For example, if you don't understand the course material, don't just re-read it. Try something else! Consult with the professor, a tutor, an academic advisor, a classmate, a study group, or your school's study skills center Taken from:

5 Create Study Checklists
Identify all of the material that you will be tested on-- list notes, formulas, ideas, and text assignments you are accountable for. This checklist will enable you to break your studying into organized, manageable chunks, which should allow for a comprehensive review plan with minimal anxiety. Taken from:

6 Plan Ahead! Go into the test well rested and well fed. Get enough sleep the night before the test. Eat a light and nutritious meal before the test. Stay away from junk foods. Taken from:

7 Take Your Time Don't worry about other students finishing the test before you do. Take the time that you need to do your best. Taken from:

8 Many Teachers Follow the Same Test Format throughout the Year
When the graded test is returned to you, analyze it to see how you could have done better. Learn from your mistakes and from what you did well. Apply this knowledge when you take the next test. Taken from:

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