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Safe Sex Bulletin Board

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1 Safe Sex Bulletin Board
For this board we used around 200 condoms that were taped to the board, so residents could use them.

2 Ask Questions: Before engaging in sex with anyone, ask questions about their sexual history. You should know as much as possible. You should ask him or her if they ever had a STD, and if so was it treated and cured. If the STD is incurable, you should educate yourself on how to protect your body if you still chose to engage in sex with the individual.

3 Condoms: Using condoms during anal and vaginal sex will stop most types of STI’s. Use latex condoms and water-soluble lube, and squeeze out air from the tip of the condom. There are also non-latex alternatives available, but if you use lambskin, cover it with a latex condom. Pulling out before you come might guard against infection if the condom breaks during intercourse.

4 Problems with hygiene: It is also advisable not to perform oral sex within two hours of flossing or brushing your teeth, since these activities could cause cuts in the gums, providing entry points for HIV. Although, do not use this as an excuse not to brush your teeth.

5 Get tested regularly: Routine testing is very important for people who have casual sex. You can pick up a number of STI’s with out having symptoms, so testing may be your only way of knowing whether or not you’re infected.

6 Avoid alcohol before intercourse: One of the greatest risks to your health is having sex when you’ve drunk too much alcohol. If you are someone who normally practices safe sex, you could become pregnant or catch an STD/STI, if you have unprotected sex while drunk.

7 Learn how to properly use a condom: Before having sex; learn how to properly use a condom. Many people, men and women, feel too shy or embarrassed to ask about applying a condom. You need to know how to properly use a condom… otherwise it is useless.


9 Submitted by Kirby Rider, 1st year RA at Southern Oregon University

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