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“Who Would Win in a Fight

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1 “Who Would Win in a Fight
“Who Would Win in a Fight?” A bulletin board by Andrew Crosson Resident Assistant Samford University


3 VS. Ninja Pirate Pros: Ancient warrior training
Swords, stars, nun chuck skills Masks Stealth Zen focus Cons: No technology No armor Uncommon Pirate Pros: Resourceful Guns and swords (sometimes hooks) Land & Sea Cons: Usually has a disease Not stealthy No armor VS.

4 VS. Ronald McDonald Barney Pros: Large A dinosaur Birthing hips Pros:
Successful entrepreneur Huge feet VS. Cons: Makes people fat Is friends with the Hamburgler Cons: Purple Only hangs out with kids Slow Ronald McDonald Barney

5 VS. Chuck Norris Bruce Lee Pros: Expert martial arts Flying kicks
Asian Chuck Norris Cons: Small No gun No jokes VS. Pros: Bearded Some martial arts Texan Bruce Lee Cons: Texas Ranger Does workout commercials

6 VS. Juggernaut The Hulk Pros: Unstoppable when in motion
Professor X’s stepbrother Not a mutant Cons: Susceptible to telepathy without helmet VS. Cons: Uncontrollable Rips clothes every time he changes Pros: Super strength Ripped muscles Uses rage/anger The Hulk

7 •Michelangelo can be rowdy
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pros: Been together a while Martial arts skills Cons: Eat a lot of pizza •Michelangelo can be rowdy VS. Pros: 5 members Cool uniforms Varied abilities Cons: Haven’t been together long One’s a baby. No martial arts training. The Incredibles

8 VS. Raiden Yoshi Team (Mortal Kombat) Pros: Lightning power
Teleportation •Martial Arts Cons: Old • Weak VS. Pros: Strength in Numbers Throwable eggs Can poop you into an egg Cons: Weak when alone Childish Yoshi Team

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