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Common Sense guide to eating in the dining Centers.

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1 Common Sense guide to eating in the dining Centers

2 Breakfast Choose skim (fat free) or 1% (low-fat) milk over 2% or whole Replace the granola in yogurt with grapes Order your omelet without cheese Use whole grain bread for toast, it is packed with fiber! Eat egg whites-all of the protein, none of the cholesterol

3 Lunch Replace mayo with mustard Drink water instead of a soft drink Choose a pizza with little or no meat Try a veggie burger Instead of cheese, put lots of veggies on a hamburger or sandwich

4 Dinner Pick chicken or fish over beef Choose grilled/broiled over fried Trim fat off of the meat Select steamed vegetables instead of french fries/mashed potatoes Desserts are optional (fruits are sweet and low calorie alternatives)

5 Tips for Dining Center Eating Ask for small portions. Be specific. May I have THREE chicken nuggets? instead of May I have some chicken nuggets? Be precise and you will be served an appropriate portion. Start off with a salad; (minus the ranch and croutons) not only are salads filling, but they are nutritious. Use a small bowl for ice cream Skip using ranch for your fries, pizza, and chicken tenders, and use ketchup and barbeque sauce instead.

6 Healthy Snack Ideas If permitted, take a piece of fruit out of the Dining Center after your meal. This will give you a healthy snack for later in the day. Avoid munching while studying or watching TV. It is easy to get distracted and maintain moderation. Instead, take a snack break. Choose pretzels or vegetables instead of potato chips or candy Satisfy your sweet tooth with a handful of strawberries

7 Try to consume foods high in nutrients and low in calories Vary the fruits and vegetables you eat, they all have different vitamins and antioxidants that your body needs Eat more good fats and minimize bad fats. Increase nut and avocado intake, decrease fried foods. Helpful Hints

8 Serving Sizes pasta or rice: fills a cupped palm 3oz of meat: the size of the palm of the hand, deck of cards Fruit: approximately the size of a baseball 2 tbsp peanut butter: ping pong ball

9 9B22-B8CE914033C7/0/PortionControl_EN.jpg

10 A Healthy Start: The Idaho Plate Method d_files/16plate.gif


12 Submitted by: Mallory Rutherford Colorado State University Along with these printed pages I included a real divided plate with food cut outs showing the food groups from the Idaho Plate Method. I also made an increase column, a moderate column, and a decrease column on the board. I stapled different food labels/containers under the categories. Examples: increase: vegetable/fruit labels, trail mix package, breakfast foods, skim milk container. Moderate: peanut butter, olive oil, snacks, nuts. Decrease: french fry containers, chip bags, candies. Include 3-D or real life examples of serving sizes. (Card decks, golf balls, floss containers) Create 3-D fruits and vegetables

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