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Final Exam Survivor: Outwit, Outstudy, Outlast…

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1 Final Exam Survivor: Outwit, Outstudy, Outlast…
To print the Final Exam Survival Bulletin Board, Outwit, Outstudy, Outlast…Under file hit the print function, and in the “print what” box, select slides, and click “OK”… you’ll be good to go! Enjoy the bulletin board…


3 TART early S Use your calendar or planner to organize your time
Begin studying for finals at least one full week in advance Identify one hour and two hour blocks of time each day which are available for studying and schedule them in your planner or calendar. Don’t try to cram a semester’s worth of material into one or two nights!

4 NDERSTAND all of the information about the final… U
Is the final comprehensive (covers material from the entire semester) or non-comprehensive? Will the final be essay, objective or a combination of both? What equipment, if any is permitted in the room? (calculators, open books, notes, formula lists, etc.)

5 Establish a study OUTINE R
Set aside two hours per day during your peak learning time (you know…when you’re alert and awake!) Look at what you have to learn and break it down into manageable pieces Begin this process NOW…don’t put it off!

6 ANISH from distractions
V ANISH from distractions Find an out-of-the-way place to study so you won’t be distracted Friends are great – but you’ll accomplish a lot more if you study on your own.

7 MMERSE yourself in your studies… I
Condense, summarize, reduce material onto file cards or single sheets Develop mnemonic devices to memorize important information Develop memory enhancers – flash cards, concept maps, etc. Recite materially orally – auditory memory helps!

8 OW to get some sleep! V Rest before the exam --this is critical!
You need at least four hours of sleep per night to function If you’re sleep deprived you won’t be able to comprehend the challenges of the exam

9 MIT cramming O five minutes before the test
By cramming at the last minute you will more than likely just confuse yourself Use the time before the test to relax, catch your breath and get focused

10 EVIEW the test R Read all of the directions carefully
Read through the entire test Answer the easy questions first if you think you may be short on time (This is also a great way to gain momentum!) Don’t waste all of your time on a 2-point questions when there are heavier weighted 10-point questions to tackle RELAX!!!

11 Don’t get VOTED OFF the “A” list…

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