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How to Build a Snowman.

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1 How to Build a Snowman

2 *Tips for RAs on this bulletin board idea:
The pictures can be cut out and hung around the bulletin board separately to add character to the board. Also try adding paper snowflakes. Try printing out the slides on a light blue colored paper to add more life to the board.

3 A Standard Snowman

4 STEP 1: Test to see if you have 'packing snow,' which clumps together easily and isn't too wet. The snow must pack to make a snowman.

5 STEP 2: Shape a handful of snow into a ball. Continue adding more snow and packing the ball until it's too large to hold.

6 STEP 3: Place the ball on the snow in front of you and slowly roll it away from you. As more snow accumulates on the outside of your ball, pack the snow by pressing on it with your gloved hands.

7 STEP 4: Roll and pack the ball over and over until it is the size you want for the bottom of the snowman's body.

8 STEP 5: Repeat for the midsection and head. The bottom should be the biggest ball, and the top should be the smallest.

9 STEP 6: Pack some extra snow between the layers to make them stick together. Place sticks down the center where the sections meet if your snowman is having trouble standing straight.

10 STEP 7: Give the snowman a face. Use coal, rocks, buttons or anything dark and round for the eyes. A horizontal stick or twig will make a good mouth, and a carrot is fine for the pointy nose. If you don't have a carrot, a banana or a candy cane will do the job.

11 STEP 8: Cover the top of his head with an old plant for hair, or give him a knit hat to wear. Top hats will blow away unless secured.

12 STEP 9: Add arms, legs and other accessories. Push sticks into the sides of the middle section and hang old mittens on the ends, then place boots at the bottom for legs. Also consider adding items such as a shirt, a scarf or sunglasses.

13 Tips & Warnings Creativity is KEY! Do something new and different and your snowman will be more interesting. If you're having a hard time rolling and packing the snow into sections, try using buckets. Find three that are of descending size and pack them with snow, then upend them, dumping the snow from one bucket on top of the other. You can spray your snowman with colored water to add rosy cheeks. Your snowman's days are numbered, so take plenty of pictures.

14 Be sure to brush up on your snowman making ability…
Be sure to brush up on your snowman making ability….you never know when there might be a campus wide contest this winter!





19 Sources: Building steps: Google Images:
Google Images: Keyword search: “Snowman”

20 Submitted by: Ian Kimball, Resident Assistant, Hartwick College

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