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Get Motivated to Study for Exams Twilight Style !

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2 Get Motivated to Study for Exams Twilight Style !


4 Want to be as confident as Rosalie? Whether you think you can, or you think you cant, youre right! –Dont let negative thoughts about an exam get to you, positivity is the key. –Put in your best effort, if youve done everything you can, youll feel good about writing your exam! –Believe in yourself! You`re smart! You`re in University! And YOU can DO THIS!!!


6 How can you be as on top of things like Carlisle? Manage your time wisely –Cramming rarely helps anyone, start studying well in advance. Daily reviews are great! –Take study breaks!!! Chat with friends, go for coffee, check your facebook, do anything thatll take your mind off of the dreaded final. –Use an agenda to organize your school work and social life, to avoid scheduling conflicts. –Take some much needed YOU time.


8 Want to be as focused as Edward? Study in a quiet place, with few distractions Choose a time you know works for you Avoid studying when hungry or tired Multitasking with studying = bad plan Break large tasks into smaller ones Try to relax Keep the worries out of your head, thoughts can be distracting


10 Need Alice to foresee your study future? Study methods: –Make Flashcards –Talk through notes with classmates –Go through readings/notes and create sample questions you think might be asked –Have group discussions –Summarize notes/readings to better understand them


12 Is procrastination your middle name like Bella? Keep yourself motivated Prioritize tasks Reward yourself when a task is completed Create a study group Set reasonable standards Work on the most unpleasant task first Dont wear yourself down


14 Need Jasper to calm down your test anxiety? Use good study techniques to master the subject Dont psych yourself out! Sleep well and eat before the exam Relax during the test Dont worry about students finishing before you Once your test is written, stop worrying about it. Whats done is done.


16 Need some guidance as to where the treaty lines are? (aka study spaces?) The Killam (atrium, study commons and stacks) The McCain (fireplace lounges & work area in the back) Newcombe Study Lounges Shirreff Hall Cafeteria Cobourg Coffee, Second Cup, Starbucks etc.


18 Need to keep your memory fresh, like Emmett? Make acronyms –Acronymic sentences are great too! Relate the things youre studying to your every day life and visualize them (if possible) Use pegwords –Words that rhyme with numbers, great for lists of things to remember, each word corresponds with one thing on your list Make Flashcards

19 If you want to talk about Twilight (with Rachel), the Office (with Chelsea), any other type of movie/interesting thing that happened to you, your exams, your homework, or your pet rabbit that you miss greatly, COME SEE US!!! Were here for you





24 ENJOY!!! Created by Rachel Bruins Residence Assistant Dalhousie University If you cant see this powerpoint in the Twilight font (the actual one) you can download it if you google Zephyr fonts.

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