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Diversity By Tim Passerell – University of Toledo.

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1 Diversity By Tim Passerell – University of Toledo

2 Diversity has been written into the DNA of American life; any institution that lacks a rainbow array has come to seem diminished, if not diseased. - Joe Klein Diversity for the sake of diversity is not an accomplishment or a step forward. It's what you bring to the table. - Charlie Gonzalez "A human being is a part of the whole that we call the universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separated from the rest -- a kind of optical illusion of his consciousness. This illusion is a prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for only the few people nearest us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living beings and all of nature." - Albert Einstein

3 Is There Diversity Within Ethnic Groups? Diversity is not strictly race or ethnicity, it also encompasses religion, age, and almost anything else that pertains to an individual. – No one person is the same in every category and this is what makes everyone unique.

4 Diversity is not something that pertains only to minorities… A Caucasian male from a farm in Alabama is diverse, as is an African American female from a big city.

5 What Does Diversity Consist Of? Ones upbringing Where you grew up Where you live now The individuals around you Your own unique personal experiences …There are so many things that make up diversity that two individuals couldnt possibly have the same experiences - even two siblings who grew up in the same household are going to contribute different aspects to society.


7 Diversity may not always be obvious… You never know just by simply looking at somebody what type of things they have endured in their past….

8 ASK! Talk to someone and put effort into learning about that person. You may find out something that you would have never guessed about that individual. Some of your friends that you may have known for years may have some more diverse experiences than you would think.


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