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Future Internet Yanghee Choi Seoul National University, Future Internet Forum.

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1 Future Internet Yanghee Choi Seoul National University, Future Internet Forum

2 2008 Yanghee Choi2 contents Why Future Internet ? Future Internet activities in Korea

3 2008 Yanghee Choi3 Internet Technologies : Issues Too successful But,,, 50 years old Many problems Too frequent and too many fixes Unable to accommodate new requirements Paradigm shift is needed Time to reconsider Evolution ? Revolution ?

4 2008 Yanghee Choi4 New Requirements Scalability BW, sensor, distance Addressing, discovery Node, service, object Context-awareness Who, when, where, situation Mobility, migration, merge/split Privacy, security Internet is being used to support the critical infrastructure Internet of things

5 2008 Yanghee Choi5 Issues Manageability Heterogeneous Reconfigurability Security /Robustness Context-Awareness Ubiquity Future Internet Mobility Scalability

6 2008 Yanghee Choi6 IETF Fixes (not-so-successful) Address shortage IPv6 Mobility Mobile IP Security IPsec, IPv6, AAA Interworking BGP4 QoS RSVP, Intserv

7 2008 Yanghee Choi7 New Technologies New technologies Optical switch Cognitive radio Next Gen Naming Active object Interface

8 2008 Yanghee Choi8 NGI vs Future Internet Evolutionary approach Next-generation Internet Revolutionary approach Future Internet Clean-slate approach

9 2008 Yanghee Choi9 New approach - Future Internet FI is a new networking paradigm May adopt new network architecture May adopt new protocols May not be backward compatible But will satisfy the requirements By utilizing new technologies And will be verified with big experiments

10 2008 Yanghee Choi10 Develop component technologies Antenna, transmission, MAC, QoS …. Put them into one architecture FIND Experiment in large scale, identify problems PlanetLab, GENI, VINI ….. Three steps to reach Future Internet

11 2008 Yanghee Choi11 Component Technologies : Hot R&D topics (incomplete list) Naming Location services New Transport Routing, QoS Context-aware Mobility Security Etc.

12 2008 Yanghee Choi12 Internet in Korea Wireline subscribers : 23.3 million (Oct. 2007) Cellular : 43 million Internet Users : 34.4 M (75.5%) IPv4 addresses : 58.8 M High speed Internet subscribers : 14.7 M (Nov.2007) xDSL 31.8% cable modem 34.9% apartment LAN 28% FTTH 5.3% 90.8% of all households

13 2008 Yanghee Choi13 R&D projects Fundamental Technologies for Future Internet 2007 – 2009 (3 years) 4.4 M$ Future Internet related Innovative Research From 2008 3-5 year projects for universities (1-3 M$) New Calls Robust Mobility Management Network Monitoring and Measurement at micro-level Personalized Service Architecture Security for Survivable Networks

14 2008 Yanghee Choi14 Fundamental Technologies for Future Internet Project details R&D Planning (through Future Internet Forum) Identify long-term R&D topics Predict the future technologies Promote collaborations Work on selected research topics (universities) Architecture Wireless Services Participation to Standard Activities IETF, ITU, IEEE, forum etc.

15 2008 Yanghee Choi15 Research Topics

16 2008 Yanghee Choi16 Future Internet Forum Established in 2006 to promote R&D collaborations in Future networking Building research communities Working groups Architecture Wireless Service Testbed Policy Workshops, seminars, publications

17 2008 Yanghee Choi17 Testbed Research Council under FIF-Korea Policy, guidelines for FI research, implementation, and testbed Govt-industry-university-research institutes Technical recommendations

18 2008 Yanghee Choi18 FI (Future Internet) Events International Conferences Internet of the Future, July 20-22, 2006, Seoul, Korea International Future Internet Workshop 2007, July 9-10, 2007, Seoul National University International Conference on Future Internet 2008, June 19-20, Seoul, Korea (planned) Future Internet Camp Aug. 20-22, 2007, Jeju Island Feb. 18-22, Seoul National University (with AsiaFI school) Aug. 25-28, Jeju Island (planned, with AsiaFI school)

19 2008 Yanghee Choi19 National Testbed Backbones with international links KOREN KREONET Will be transformed to FI testbed Focus on Mobile services Wireless access Heterogeneous networking

20 Future is not to be predicted, but to be created

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