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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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1 Breast Cancer Awareness Month
For the CURE Thanks to the Susan G. Komen Foundation

2 Statistics 178,480 new invasive cases and 40,460 deaths estimated for women in ’07 Less than 5% of cases occur in women under 40 Occurs in 1 of every 3,000 pregnancies 2,030 new cases and 450 deaths estimated for men in ’07 124 women in every 100,000 are diagnosed every year

3 Risk Factors Being female Getting older Family history Genetics
Having children after 30 Overweight High socioeconomic status Drinking alcohol Not exercising Having first period before 12 Current/recent use of birth control pills Being tall Not breastfeeding

4 FAQs and Myths Yes, healthy diet and exercise can reduce risk
Yes, drinking alcohol increases risk when consumed in excess No, large breasts do not increase risk Yes, using birth control pills for more than five years increases risk Yes, being overweight postmenopause increases risk Yes, being slightly overweight premenopause reduces risk somewhat

5 Tests and Early Screening
Mammography Every year beginning at 40 Clinical Breast Exam Every 3 years 20-39, every year 40+ Breast Self-Exam Every month beginning at 20

6 Breast Self-Examination
Perform at the same time every month Check for changes when lying down, in the shower, and in the mirror Know what is normal for you

7 What is Breast Cancer? Genes mutate and miscode
Cells gone bad multiply rapidly Tumors form Benign – not cancerous Malignant – cancerous

8 Treatments Surgery Radiation Chemotherapy Hormonal therapies
“Lumpectomy” vs. “mastectomy” aka partial vs. whole Radiation High energy x-rays, always coupled with surgery Chemotherapy Anticancer drugs used after radiation and surgery Hormonal therapies Prevents release of hormones that make tumors grow Targeted therapies Attack specific molecules in cancer process

9 Learn More Susan G. Komen Foundation National Breast Cancer Foundation National Breast Cancer Foundation National Breast Cancer Awareness Month


11 If You Use This Hey there! Hope you liked the bulletin board. If you do use this, please let me know, just for fun.  Shawna, Colorado State Univ. RA in Edwards Hall Thanks and enjoy!

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