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Worst Case Scenario Survival. How to Escape from a Giant Octopus Be Aware A giant Pacific octopus may be well over 100 pounds, with an arm span of 23.

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1 Worst Case Scenario Survival

2 How to Escape from a Giant Octopus Be Aware A giant Pacific octopus may be well over 100 pounds, with an arm span of 23 feet. Giant octopi are extremely strong, but do not constrict prey to kill: They tear victims with their sharp beaks. Giant Pacific octopi are not poisonous, though bites may become infected. 1.Pull away quickly 2.Do not go limp 3.Prevent the octopuss arms from wrapping around your arms 4.Peel the suckers from your body 5.Detach the octopus from its anchor 6.Turn somersaults in the water 7.Swim towards the surface, Octopi dislike air intensely and will release you once they break the surface.

3 How to Escape from the Trunk of a Car Be Aware No car trunk is airtight, so the danger of suffocation in a car trunk is low. Breathe regularly and do not panic-panic increases the danger of your hyperventilating and passing out. Keep in mind, however, that on a hot day the interior temperature of a car trunk can reach 140 degrees. Work quickly but calmly. 1. If you are in a trunk that has no wall separating the backseats and the trunk, try to get the seats down. 2. Check for a trunk cable underneath the carpet or upholstery. 3. Look for a tool in the trunk. 4. Dismantle the cars brake lights by yanking wires and pushing or kicking the lights out. Then wave and yell to signal passersby or other cars.

4 How to Survive a Zombie Attack Zombie Plan. Get one, or…several. Useful Skills Marksmanship: You need to be able to hit the center of a zombies forehead from a reasonable distance if you want to survive. Basic Survival Skills: Most likely there is not going to be power for long after the dead return to life. You need to know how to find clean drinking water and food, how to build a fire (zombies usually dont like it much), etc. Car Repair: It would help if you knew at least the basics of car repair. There sure arent going to be any shops open to fix your car! The most important thing you need is a good hideout. You have several choices as far as a hideout goes: a house complete with boarded up windows and large bars across the doors a fallout shelter a shopping mall with all ground level exits blocked. an underground military base a houseboat

5 How to Treat the Bubonic Plague 1. Act quickly upon appearance of symptoms. 2. Bathe in human urine and wear human excrement. 3. Place dead animals in your home. 4. Use leeches. 5. Drink molten gold or powdered emeralds, eat figs before six in the morning, and do not exercise. Now We Know The techniques above were widely used but not effective. Antibiotics can cure the plague if started within 15 hours of the first appearance of symptoms. Streptomycin is the preferred drug, but gentamicin, tetracyclines, and chloramphenicol are also effective. Penicillin is useless against the plague. Bubonic plague bacterium is usually transmitted by fleas that have fed on the blood of infected rodents, most commonly rats.

6 How to Escape a Meeting Be Aware If you plan to escape by crawling, wear loose fitting clothes. Most people have limited peripheral vision; when looking straight ahead, they cannot see an object at an angle of more than 45 degrees behind and to the side. Use this as a guide when determining if your escape will be noticed. If other escape plans will not work, spill a cup of lukewarm coffee on your pants. This strategy wins sympathy and also offers a perfect excuse for leaving the meeting. If someone later asks why you never returned, say you got a slight burn. They probably will not seek to verify. Sneak Out in Plain Sight 1. Establish your presence. 2. Call attention to yourself. Make a show of going out and then coming back into the meeting several times. Say, Boy, this coffee really goes right through me! and then go to the restroom twice. Make sure people notice when you return. 3. Make your escape. The third time you leave, dont return.

7 How to Make a Bat Symbol In Gotham, the Bat-Signal is a visual reminder to villains and law-abiding citizens alike that the Dark Knight keeps constant vigil over the city and all its inhabitants. But even more important, the Bat-Signal is a beacon used by the police to inform Batman that crime is afoot or that his presence is needed immediately atop Gotham City Police Department Headquarters, where Batman and Commissioner Gordon can compare notes on current cases. The Bat-Signal was a gift from the Caped Crusader to the G.C.P.D. intended to instill trust between the vigilante and his police counterparts. Of all Batmans equipment, the Bat-Signal is probably the easiest to build should you need a similar means of communicating with your allies in law enforcement. 1. Purchase a searchlight. 2. Attach an emblem-shaped silhouette. 3.Deliver to the police. The best site for your searchlight signal is atop the police department headquarters. Deliver your signal clandestinely and with specific instructions for its operation.

8 Source: case-scenarios/ case-scenarios/ Made by: Sam Siegert, Apartment Resident Advisor, University of Minnesota Duluth

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