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Cuddly Condom Critters Alyssa Napolitano Hartwick College '13 Resident Advisor.

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1 Cuddly Condom Critters Alyssa Napolitano Hartwick College '13 Resident Advisor

2 Message from the author Hello! I want to thank you for the incredible resource that offers RAs! There's been times where I've been in a bind for a program idea, and I open a webpage to your site, and find so many different possibilities! My name is Alyssa Napolitano, and I'm an RA at Hartwick College in Oneonta, NY. This year, I'm trying the program Cuddly Condom Critters, which is a diversity program (I betcha thought it was a wellness program! Yeah, I plan on tricking my residents with the title, too!) My goal was to take a different swing on a diversity program for the coming semester, so I came up with this idea (and took a smidge of a program my RD held when she was an RA!) Cuddly Condom Critters focuses on the varying views of birth control by five major world religions: Catholicism, Islam, Buddhism, Confucianism, and Judaism. This program also looks at different forms of birth control and contraceptives (I decided to focus on nine.) This is a super interactive program, which is engaging for residents who are looking for something interesting on a weeknight. The attached document describes the premise and protocol of the program. I'm excited to help build this great resource! Thanks! Alyssa Napolitano Hartwick College '13 Resident Advisor --

3 Program Supplies 2 large sheets of same colored poster board – One sheet labeled Types of Birth Control – One sheet labeled Effectiveness of Birth Control Methods; large along the right side Cutouts of each of the 9 forms of birth control that this program with sticky tape on the back Female condoms, males condoms from Taralyn Five 8 ½ x 11 sheets with name and symbol of religion 5 small jars (to be placed in front of the corresponding sheet 50 cutout answers per religious view (each view on a different colored sheet of paper!) – I.E. For Catholicism: Strong disbelief in any form of contraception that would hinder the potential of procreation. 5 half-sheet answers (1 per religious view) – Paper color must correspond with cutout color Condoms to decorate and play with Tape Glitter, pipe cleaners, pom poms, glue, etc. BUDGET = $10.00

4 Promoting the Program The following were used to advertise the program: Hartlink Facebook Cuddly Condom Caterpillar Cutout Flyers

5 Program Premise: Residents will learn about various forms of birth control, the effectiveness of each that is presented, and the different religious views on the use of contraception The forms of birth control to be visited: – Birth control pills – Birth control implant – Abstinence – Outercourse – Female Condoms – Male Condoms – Withdrawl (Pull Out Method) – The Morning After Pill – Birth Control Shot: Depo-Provera The religious views to be visited: – Catholicism – Judaism – Islam – Confucianism – Buddism Different portions of the program will include: – Popcorn answer style: Types of Birth Control – Volunteers: Birth Control Methods Effectiveness Meter Based off of chart from Planned Parenthood Effectiveness is measured by : x in 100 pregnancies Religious Views: Drop Jars Religious Views: Stereotyping Discussion

6 Program Timeline I 8 PM- Begin Program - Introduce the program idea - Hand out cut-outs of answers - Ask residents to place the answer they feel best describes the view on the use of contraception for a certain religion in the jar representing that religion 8:10 PM- Invite all attendees to gather around the two posters hung on the wall (Types of BC & Effectiveness of BC Methods) In popcorn style, ask attendees to give examples of different types of BC- Fill in the Types of BC Poster with this information that attendees are giving you* Once they have compiled a comprehensive list, move to the Effectiveness of BC Poster*

7 Program Timeline II Ask attendees to volunteer to place the cut-out name of one of the 9 BCs focused on in this program on the effectiveness meter (Ill need 9 volunteers!)* Once all 9 methods are on the poster, it will be my turn to correct any mistakes that may have been made (using information from the Planned Parenthood Effectiveness poster)* * During this time, attendees can be working on their cuddly condom creations (just need to keep their attention on the program material!) 8:20 PM- Following the poster games, I will reveal the actual answers to our religious beliefs question

8 Program Timeline III To do so, Ill place the half-sheet answer in front of each jar. Then Ill call all attendees attention to me, where Ill reveal the answers to the entire group. It should be a ton of fun to see if we were anywhere near being close to the correct answers for any of them! After we reveal the answers, we will have a discussion based off of a few short questions (questions must be approved by TL):

9 Program Timeline IV Some of the questions for discussion could be: – Do you think that the followers of each religion truly identify with their religions belief of the use of contraception? – Do you believe that people who openly identify with a religion may be discriminated against for their religious beliefs on birth control? Are they stereotyped against? I.E. Im Catholic, but I believe in the use of contraception. I openly identify as Catholic. Do you think everyone thinks Im against contraception? 8:30 PMEnd educational portion of program ** Continue with the fun arts & crafts! **

10 Resources Program Info: ml ml -jewish-views-on-birth.html -jewish-views-on-birth.html topics/birth-control-4211.htm topics/birth-control-4211.htm

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