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A great idea…modify it for your campus!. 2/4/20142.

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1 A great idea…modify it for your campus!

2 2/4/20142

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5 Dont judge other people too quickly because theyre figuring out what they think and who they are, just as you are. In two weeks you might be doing what you would have judged them for. If a street is named after a river, such as Rio Grande, Colorado, Leon, they run north and south. If a street is a numbered street, it runs east and west. 2/4/20145

6 When your parents are coming in own for a visit, and if they dont know their way around, buy them a map. There is nothing worse than Parents Weekend with a bunch of lost parents going the wrong way on one-way streets. Your ideas and beliefs about everything, i.e. getting drunk the night before a test, will change when you get to college. It doesnt mean that you are a bad person and its okay, it happens to everyone. 2/4/20146

7 If an address is 2323 San Antonio, that means it is located at 23rd and San Antonio; 2401 Leon means 24th and Leon. Keep up with your reading because it will come back to bite you in the a$$. Student season tickets are the way to go for football. You can get free condoms at the Health Center. 2/4/20147

8 If a virgin ever graduates from UT, the horses in Littlefield Fountain will fly out of the fountain. If you see an albino squirrel on campus before you take a test you will get an A. 2/4/20148

9 Hookem Horns hand signal - was introduced at a Friday night pep rally in Gregory Gym before Texas Christian University football game in 1955. Harley Clark, head cheerleader, and his friend, Henry Pitts, invented the sign. He thought this would be a great symbol for University of Texas students cuz it resembled the head of a Longhorn. Bevo - The mascot of UT at Austin is a Longhorn steer, made his debut in 1916 during the 21-7 Texas win over Texas A&M. Stephen Pickney (1911) collected $1.00 each from 124 alumni to provide a live mascot. On Thanksgiving Day, 1916, the frightened Bevo was dragged on to the field and formally presented to the students. The first mascot was branded by Aggies with 13-0, A&Ms victory score the year before. A humiliated group of Texas students saved face by altering the numerals 13-0 to read Bevo, the Longhorn name in the first place. (Bevo was the name of a popular beer made by Budweiser.) Big Bertha – the largest marching drum in the world, became the Sweetheart of the Longhorn Band in 1955. Big Bertha was originally built for the Univ. of Chicago, but luckily for the Univ., Longhorn band lover and supporter, D. Harold Byrd, and the band director of the time, Moton M. Crockett, purchased and brought Big Bertha to her final home right here in Austin. When Bertha is brought out for football games, her handlers are known as the Berthas Crew. Crew. 2/4/20149

10 Lighting the Tower - Lighting the Tower is tradition for UT Austin. The entire Tower is lit orange for a conference championship (Big Xll Conference Championship), and an orange Tower with a number one signifies a national championship. The tower is also lit orange for special holidays, graduation ceremonies, and various other events. When Ricky Williams won the Heisman Trophy, the Tower was lit up with his number, 34. Running the flag - Running the flag onto the field started on January 1, 1961 when the University of Texas played Mississippi in the Cotton Bowl. By request of Mississippi, a large Texas flag was made for their half-time show, so that they could salute the University of Texas and the state. Today, the flag measures 45 by 25 yards and weighs 400 pounds. It is the largest Texas flag in the world. At the beginning of every home football game and at some out-of-town games, members of Alpha Phi Omega run the flag onto the field. Smokey the Cannon - Smokey the Cannon creates the thunderous roar that is heard after each Longhorn touchdown, field goal and extra point. Four blank, 10-gauge shotgun shells are fired in approval of the Horns. The Texas Cowboys are the keepers of Smokey, and they set the cannon off every time we score.. 2/4/201410

11 University colors - Orange and white were officially adopted by the Board of regents on May 10, 1900, after a student vote. As early as 1885, students had used orange and white ribbons on special occasions. Athletic teams later unofficially adopted burnt orange as their color of choice. This is a good choice, as that other UT (Tennessee) school is also orange and white, and we need to distinguish ourselves. The official colors, as used in the University seal, are focal orange and pure white. The second place colors were orange and maroon... wouldnt that have been interesting? UT school song - The UT school song was composed by John Lang Sinclair. It is considered by some a sort of unofficial state song, was first sung at a minstrel show to benefit the University track team at the Hancock Opera House in Austin on May 12, 1903. 2/4/201411

12 2/4/201412

13 RESIDENT ASSISTANT The University of Texas at Austin 2/4/2014 13

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