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On the side career choice By: Elizabeth Rangel University of the Incarnate Word.

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2 On the side career choice By: Elizabeth Rangel University of the Incarnate Word

3 Career A cosmetologist is not just a women who fixes hair or make up, it is much more than that. A cosmetologist offers a great range of different beauty services, such as hair cutting, coloring, styling hair, shampooing, waxing, curling, apply make-up, give massages, scalp and facial treatments and more. Sometimes cosmetologist also advise their clients on how to care for their hair at home, or any products that will help their condition of hair or skin, that they could use.

4 Educational Requirements The education requirements of a cosmetologist include:. A high school diploma or GED. Complete a program in a state-licensed cosmetology school. At least 9 months of training and sometimes even less or no extra vocational school (depends on the area specialized) To be licensed, by passing the required test.

5 Required Skills Some of the required skills for a cosmetologist are: Being able to identify tools and use them, such as shears, different solutions for color treatments and so on. Being able to work with a client in a safe environment. Good communication skills. Being able to keep up with the fashion during that time and be able to have an understanding of fashion, art and technical design. Good health and stamina. Have a neat personal appearance and a clean work area. Interpersonal skills, image, and attitude. Skills to be an effective salesperson (selling the products)

6 Salary The salary a cosmetologist makes depends on how many years of experience she or he has. The more experience the more money they make. Thee Median hourly earnings in May 2006 for salaried cosmetologists was $10.25 (including tips and commission). Percentile10%25% 50% (Median) 75%90% Hourly Wage$7.65$9.71$10.25$29.44$36.45 Annual Wage$15,920$20,200$35,250$61,240$75,820

7 Experience The more experience a person has the more clients that will choose him or her too perform their service. Experience is gained on the job after you complete the training class, and continue doing more and more treatments on clients. Usually, on the first weeks, new workers are given relatively simple tasks. Once they have demonstrated their skills, they are gradually permitted to perform more complicated procedures. As they continue to work in the field, more training usually is required to help workers learn the techniques particular to each salon and to build on the basics learned in cosmetology school.

8 Job Market Outlook Overall employment for cosmetologists is projected to grow slightly faster than the average for all occupations. It is said that by the year 2016, 694,000 cosmetologist will be hired in the United States. The demand for cosmetologist will keep growing because of an increasing population, the growing demand for personal appearance services, the demand for hair treatment by teens and also because the continuous growth in the number of new nail salons and full-service day spas making new job openings.

9 Projections data from the National Employment Table Specialization 2006Projected 2016Change amountChange in % Personal appearance workers 825,000942,000117,00014 Barbers and cosmetologists 677,000755,00077,00011 Barbers 60,00061,0006001 Hairdressers, hairstylists, and cosmetologists 617,000694,00077,00012 Miscellaneous personal appearance workers 148,000187,00039,00027 Makeup artists, theatrical and performance 2,1003,00090040 Manicurists and pedicurists 78,000100,00022,00028 Shampooers 29,00033,0003,90013 Skin care specialists 38,00051,00013,00034

10 Upside Some of the good things about being a cosmetologist are: You are able to socialized with many people Usually no more than 40-hours per week Short education required Fun, pleasing, and enjoyable You get to make other people beautiful and happy (use of creativity) You work in clean, cool and fresh environment Receive free-trial products before hand You may meet artists/singers

11 Downside Being a cosmetologist could be fun but also has its downside, which include: Chemicals used, can make you sick Not many benefits There is not always people Could cause back, arm and hand muscle problems Work on weekends when it is very busy You have to deal with others in such an intimate way as to actually be putting your hands into a strangers hair Exposure to some hair and nail chemicals may cause irritation No long vacations

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13 This PowerPoint was used for my passive and it looked awesome. Just add girly stuff such as old makeup or lipsticks. It works awesome in a freshmen girl hall.

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