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ZOMBIES!!!! Vampires can be chased away with garlic. Werewolves can be taken down with a silver bullet. A Priest is able to cast out a Demon. None of this.

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1 ZOMBIES!!!! Vampires can be chased away with garlic. Werewolves can be taken down with a silver bullet. A Priest is able to cast out a Demon. None of this works with Zombies. They can not be reasoned with. Any one can become a zombie. Scared yet? You should be! This will help.

2 Zombies- The Facts The life span of the average zombie is around 2.34 years The average zombie can eat up to 8 pounds of brains a day. Zombies are dead and very stiff due to rigor mortis. Zombies are very heterogeneous but shared characteristics are: – Drool – Vacant stare – Missing body parts – Ouzzy liquids – Torn clothes – Rotting flesh

3 Zombies from History Zombies can be traced back to around bc.2700 in the tale of Gilgamesh. The Golem of Prague was created to protect the Jews of Prague. They didnt realize what they did… Frankensteins monster was the first (recorded) patch-work zombie. However… Frankensteins monster was not a true zombie. He retained too much humanity.

4 Different types of zombies The Recently Dead Zombie (RDZ) – Hard to spot – Physical trauma – Drool – Mostly intact clothes – May look relatively normal – Loss of bladder control – Pale, but flesh tone, skin – Human like movements The Exhumed Corpse Zombie (ECZ) – Advanced decomposition – Dressed well (in burial clothes) – Skeletal build – Dry, cracked skin – Ill tempered – Show moving – Most likely to attack in hordes

5 More types of zombies The Demonic Zombie – Red or Yellow eyes – Extra long tongue – Claws – Distorted face – Must be destroyed by fire – May take your soul – These are the zombies that when a hand is severed it will still move. Mad Scientist Zombie (Type A) – Neck bolts – Pale skin – May take up to 347 feet of stitches to assemble – It takes the same amount of energy to light the Vegas strip for two nights – Destroyed best by fire

6 Even More Zombies Mad Scientist Zombie (Type B) – Highly contagious – Dressed in loincloths or less – Lazy and disoriented – Large scar – Poor stitching – Best killed by fire Government Experiment Zombie – Clean-cup – Physically fit – Pale, grey skin – Expressionless – Military garb – Best killed by head trauma – Will be slowed by cold

7 Still MORE Zombies Voodoo Zombie – Not dead, usually poisoned – Susceptible to suggestion – Ingesting meat or salt will wake them up – If you need to kill them, they are technically human Alien-Controlled Zombies – Hard to spot – Blank stare – Emotionless – Will hide the back of their neck – Killed by destroying the mother

8 Zombies you didnt see coming Animal Zombies – Excessive drooling or foaming – Aggressive behavior – Missing or injured limbs – No pupils – Fire is the only across the board killer Apathy Zombie – Moans – Pale – Acne – Eyes half open – Comfortable position – Dislike sunlight, fresh air, and exercise – Best killed or frightened by work or power failure

9 Zombie Eating Habits Brains are not zombies only food, just the favorite by far! Brains also help keep the zombie body from breaking down. Any brain matter will do but fresh or recently dead is best. When faced with extreme hunger zombies will resort to eating themselves. Zombies lack the full neurological trigger. Given unlimited food, a zombie would eat until it literally burst!

10 Ten Zombie Facts 1.Not all zombies are slow. 2.Many zombies do not require brains to live. 3.Zombies cannot function in freezing temperatures. 4.The best way to kill a zombie is with a gunshot to the head. 5. Zombies see dead people. Some zombies retain their ability to speak. Zombies hate stairs. The government is secretly working to create a zombie army. The zombies are coming to get you.

11 Zombie Habitat Overcrowding is not viewed as a problem in the zombie world. Dark, shadowy areas, like subways or alleys, are the preferred living areas for zombies. Though they make temporary homes, they rarely stay in one place for too long. Zombies are nomadic by nature, due to their rapid feeding rate, and fear of the cold. Proper hygiene is not important in zombie society.

12 Escaping Zombies 1.Done walk. Run. You dont want to buy into the myth that zombies are slow moving creatures just to be proven wrong. 2.Establish yourself on middle ground. Do not hole up in a high rise or subway tunnel, where you would be cutting yourself off from the necessities of life. 3.Cold is your friend! Go to it! 4.I you find yourself trapped in a high rise dont use the elevator. 5.Find shelter that provides the essentials-food, water, weapons, and medical supplies. One of the best places to go is the local convenience store. 6.Trust no one. Some zombies may look humanlike, they are not.

13 Zombie Weaknesses Head Trauma - severe head trauma or a severed head is the easiest way to take down most zombies. Bullet Wounds - well placed bullets taken to the joint will render zombie limbs useless. Crushing - dropping a large bolder or any other large item on a zombie may not kill it but it will stop the rampage. Severing Limbs - cutting off a limb is just as good as shooting it and twice as easy!

14 Planning Your Attack Gather information – Send out recon teams – Locate fuel, medical, food and water supplies Choose your terrain – Pick a high vantage point – Know where you are Plan your attack – Know how to kill the zombies in whatever area you find yourself Make a Map! – Map should include: Cover a 6-10 block radius Designate escape rounds Show areas where zombies have been seen Show were traps and barricades can be or are set up Designate lookout points Show where the supplies are Show directions zombies are traveling

15 This Bulletin board was made by Katie Altmaier, a Community Advisor at Eastern Washington University Based on the book The Zombie Handbook by Rob Sacchetto and Andrea Sacchetto

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