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Future Internet Standardization: SC6

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1 Future Internet Standardization: SC6

2 Chungnam University 2 JTC1/SC6 Ad Hoc Mtg Agenda for the Ad Hoc Meeting on Future Networks Date: 2007.09.05 (Wed.) ~ 2007.09.06 (Thur.) Venue: AFNOR, Paris The meeting was chaired by Mr. Kang, Convenor of JTC1/SC6/WG7 9 documents were presented All meeting documents can be accessed from the relevant SC6 web page, 17 participants were present to the meeting

3 Chungnam University 3 Presentations 09:15~09:30 Opening: Shin-Gak Kang (SC6/WG7 Convenor) SC6-FN-Paris-10: Ad Hoc Meeting on Future Networks – Background and Objective 09:30~10:30 Session A: Future Network Research Activities (I) SC6-FN-Paris-09: Future Internet standardization (Dae Young Kim/SC6 Chair) SC6-FN-Paris-02: Auto-adaptive functions of network (Christian JACQUENET/France Telecom) SC6-FN-Paris-03: Emerging Wireless Sensor Technologies and the Future Network (Myung-Ki Shin/ETRI)

4 Chungnam University 4 Presentations (cont'd) 14:00~15:30 Session B: Future Network Research Activities (II) SC6-FN-Paris-06: Running Federation on the Internet (Hongbo Sun/Tsinghua University) SC6-FN-Paris-07: IPv9 - The common ideal for human being (Jianping Xie/ Shanghai Decimal System Network Information Technology) SC6-FN-Paris-04: A new standardization initiative on Future Network and Ubiquitous Sensor Network (Eunsook Kim/ETRI) SC6-FN-Paris-08: Future Networks - Connecting Objects and People to the Services of the Global Village (Reinhard Meindl/ECMA)

5 Chungnam University 5 Presentations (cont'd) 16:00~17:00 Session C: Future Network Research Activities (IV) SC6-FN-Paris-05: Current Status and Future of ITU-T SG13 (Chae Sub Lee/Vice-Chairman of ITU-T SG13) SC6-FN-Paris-12: Future Internet in Korea (Younghee Lee/ICU) 06 Sept. 2007 (Thur.) 09:30~12:00 Session D: Standardization Direction of Future Network (Shin-Gak Kang) Standardization Issues of Future Network Collaboration among the Standard Bodies Future Directions within JTC1/SC6

6 Chungnam University 6 Meeting Outcome Clarification of Terminology Clarification of Terminology Future Network Future Network is the Network of the Future No specific network technologies are pre-assumed Long-term Revolutionary Approach NGN of ITU-T Packet based Technologies but assuming IP-based Network Architecture Evolution from the current IP-based Network Short/Mid-term Evolutionary Approach Work on Future Network is an anticipation work. This work is distinct from NGN and will not compromise nor endanger currently operated networks

7 Chungnam University 7 Meeting Outcome (cont'd) Related work discussed: Self Organizing Network, Overlay Network, Configurable Network, Active Network, Context-Aware Network, etc. Some of the important directions of Future Network Architecture Highly Dynamic, Configurable Network Architecture based on Application Context Highly Distributed Network Architecture Revolutionary approach must be considered for the Future Network Need not dependent on the current emerging technologies and solutions Backward compatibility may not required

8 Chungnam University 8 Documents Milestone Step 1: Problem Statement Step 2: Requirements Step 3: Gap Analysis; define what are the requirements that are not addressed in SDOs Step 4: Framework Step 5: Architecture Step 6: Individual technologies

9 Chungnam University 9 Action Items Call for Contributions (due on 31 Jan., 2008): Problem Statement Requirements Gap Analysis; what are the requirements not addressed in SDOs WG7 Meeting on Future Network: 6 April, 2008, Geneva Review Call for Contributions Formal Discussion about possible new projects on Future Network within JTC1/SC6 meeting in 7-11 April 2008, Geneva nitiation of NP Ballot within JTC1/SC6 Start New Work on Future Network from the end of 2008 or early 2009 based on the NP ballot results Inspired by JTC1/SC6, ITU-T also had discussions on Future Network Hopefully be adopted for the Next Study Period to align with JTC1/SC6

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