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How to Make Long distance Phone Calls Free or Amazing Low Rates Google Voice (Make a phone call, Use with.

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1 How to Make Long distance Phone Calls Free or Amazing Low Rates Google Voice (Make a phone call, Use with iPhone) Facetime Tango Resource People like to work with Internet enabled salespeople. USB Headset and Microphone for sound quality! 2/4/20141Copyright ICIWorld 2012

2 For Residential and Commercial Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople Georgian Triangle Association of REALTORS® Understanding and How to Use the Powers of the Internet and Lead Generation Presented by Gary Nusca, CCIM, AMP (Since 1994)

3 Who am I? Gary Nusca, CCIM, AMP In real estate since 1972 Residential and commercial real estate Served on MLS committees, CCIM Chapter Executive CCIM – Certified Commercial Investment MemberCCIM Past Chairman CCIM International Real Estate Conference Past President CCIM Chapter Membership ChairmanCCIM Chapter AMP Accredited Mortgage ProfessionalAMP Since 1992 developing services for real estate salespeople to help network information to generate business ICIWorld first on the Internet in 1994 Now one of largest real estate communities on the Internet 2/4/20143Copyright ICIWorld 2012

4 2/4/20144 Why am I here? To help you make money To help you generate leads To help you provide a great service to the public To establish and maintain real estate brokers and salespeople as the leaders in the information business To help you understand the Internet just a little bit better tomorrow than you did yesterday. Please consider us as a personal Internet marketing and information assistant to you personally. Copyright ICIWorld 2012

5 2/4/20145 Security on the Internet Real estate brokers and best positioned to serve and protect the interests of their clients I call it insurance to have a realtor ensure that the largest single sale in a persons life goes smoothly Not only to make informed decisions but to protect against scam, fraud artists, thieves who are out there in the marketplace. If you do not know what phishing and other scams is like driving a car and not knowing what a stop sign is. ResourceResource A public service and a link for your resources page on your web site Copyright ICIWorld 2012

6 Competition For Sale By Owner Using technology. You must compete with Great source of leads Bill Gates The Internet will help achieve "friction free capitalism" by putting the buyer and seller in direct contact and providing more information to both about each other.Bill Gates Stockbrokers YOU have to add value. 2/4/20146Copyright ICIWorld 2012

7 2/4/20147 Information vs Listings Information not just listings such as on a real estate board. Quick survey Three questions: –Will they pay a commission –Will they cover you with a 48 hour exclusive listing once you have a buyer; –Is it okay to advertise it but you are going to do it without the address. Copyright ICIWorld 2012

8 Where can you work information not just listings? Generate Leads Classified ads in a newspaper Kajiji Craigslist Your own web site ICIWorld Blogs Facebook, and other social media Twitter Provides for opportunities you never had before. 2/4/20148Copyright ICIWorld 2012

9 Reasons to use a Realtor Type in google reasons to use a realtor Put reasons on YOUR web site. Realtors with technology Power of an Industry Resource 2/4/20149Copyright ICIWorld 2012

10 2/4/201410 In the History of the World the Internet is the #1 Marketing Tool 2% use it in 1995. Internet surpasses TV-watching time It is now reported by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) that 90% of your prospects will go online before they hire a broker/agent. TV On Your PC ResourceResource Copyright ICIWorld 2012

11 2/4/201411 In the History of the World the Internet is the #1 Marketing Tool 96% are searching for listings 74% choose the first broker or salesperson that they develop a business relationship with. There are 2+ Billion people using the Internet. Demo. Demo What can brokers do? Copyright ICIWorld 2012

12 2/4/201412 Comments National On Line Convention Less than 10% of the money real estate companies and agents earmark for advertising is for online ads. Where are you fishing in the Atlantic ocean or in the desert? Consumers are getting sophisticated. There are things you can do to serve them. Copyright ICIWorld 2012

13 2/4/201413 Profile of Internet User Higher educated Faster decisions Like to work with Internet enabled real estate people Have to develop internet relationship first then business relationship. Need to provide some services first to get them to raise their hand and ask a question. Majority of homes, businesses have access to the Internet. Copyright ICIWorld 2012

14 2/4/201414 How to Stop Spam Problems stop some people from using the Internet How to stop spam? Bill Gates Like almost everyone who uses e-mail, I receive a ton of spam every day. Much of it offers to help me get out of debt or get rich quick. It would be funny if it weren't so exciting. / / Copyright ICIWorld 2012

15 2/4/201415 Web sites an important Internet Tool Web sites are like billboards, if the one we supply can make you $50,000 and the one you presently have is making you money then why not? You can link them. Like a store Compare your physical office cost vs internet store that can supply tremendous information to your prospects and clients. Copyright ICIWorld 2012

16 2/4/201416 It is content that generates leads A web site is a platform on the Internet to hold information. By itself it does not make you money. It is content that triggers the calls. It is content that develops interest and an electronic relationship that can lead to a business relationship. People know you are paid on commission. Many feel threatened. Copyright ICIWorld 2012

17 2/4/201417 Allan Dalton, President of 84% of consumers want multiple photos (NAR) utterly simple to deliver, never has in history has such a simple request been so collectively ignore and suppressed. Photos command 299% more visual activity. It is not just 1,000 words, it is 10,000's of dollars to owners. Very reasonable request to have more pictures for commission dollars. Copyright ICIWorld 2012

18 2/4/201418 Sample Web Sites Resource Resource For residential brokers have a web site with thousands of residential homes with color photos, all in a way that YOU get the calls. For commercial brokers, now that you have a web site, add the number one thing that every one on the Internet in real estate is looking for, listings. Add a content wherever you can find it. Otherwise you can easily be missing generating a lead and not realize it. 96% are searching for listings! Now you will have a major world source with new ones coming in daily updating your web site automatically. Copyright ICIWorld 2012

19 Web Sites What good is a web site if you have no traffic to it? Promote with a passion Largest ROI of any industry on the Internet is for real estate One lead can make one a lot of money Listings trigger leads Traffic is people seeing listings, they call you to see a listing and bingo you have a showing. Without a showing today you make no money today. 2/4/201419Copyright ICIWorld 2012

20 2/4/201420 Feature Benefits for Residential and Commercial Brokers and Salespeople SEO Search Engine Optimization – 40 different ways. ResourceResource Information learned apply to all your web sites; 48 hrs to the top ResourceResource Web sites are like billboards. It is actually good to have more than one generating leads for you; Copyright ICIWorld 2012

21 2/4/201421 Feature Benefits for and Residential Commercial Brokers and Salespeople Color photos, slide shows; Clients can email listing to friends and relatives; Automatic delivery of new listings to your clients and prospects; Clients must call YOU for more information on any listing; Copyright ICIWorld 2012

22 2/4/201422 Feature Benefits for Residential and Commercial Brokers and Salespeople Web site philosophy; How to hand out a business card; Triggering leads; Doing referrals; Cost benefit analysis real estate link for commercial. It is just a button, one choice of many. Internet provides the biggest return on investment of any product on the Internet. One lead can make $3,000 to $10,000 to $50,000 to $100,000 and more. Copyright ICIWorld 2012

23 2/4/201423 Referrals – The one thing better than listing and selling real estate. Why? Only five minutes to do; Average $3,000 to $10,000 and more; Why dont salespeople do more referrals? Because you do not get the leads; Now you will! The reason? Content!; Thousands of homes and commercial listings Specially structured so you get the calls. Copyright ICIWorld 2012

24 2/4/201424 Feature Benefits for Residential and Commercial Brokers and Salespeople Get people with knowledge of how to make web sites work, ie: Email notification to you within one minute of someone visiting your web site, SEO, Content of Listings – the more listings the better the chances are someone will like a home; Material defects in a membership; Personal support by printouts, manual, video and most of all personal one on one assistance and technical support; Different web sites some totally customizable by you. Copyright ICIWorld 2012

25 2/4/201425 Feature Benefits for Residential and Commercial Brokers and Salespeople Powerful listing tool ie: duplexes and triplexes for residential, commercial. For residential salespeople direct commercial to your web site and do referrals. Knowledge gained can help you with all your web sites. Your customers will love their homes featured on your web site. Copyright ICIWorld 2012

26 2/4/201426Copyright ICIWorld 2012

27 2/4/201427 Feature Benefits for Residential and Commercial Brokers and Salespeople Open house presentations; Links to commercial listings in a way that YOU get the calls. If you are a residential salesperson do referrals. Without them you can not. Place listing links on all your web sites; Web sites are like billboards. If you have more than one making you money and updating itself daily automatically then why not? Most services will help you every step of the way. Analyze – are you generating leads every 90 days? Repair, fix, change, add content, promote Copyright ICIWorld 2012

28 Once you have web site three things you must do 1.Log in to it. ie: every 30 days. Check links, upgrade, add information, do handshakes, add idx links from services such as your real estate board, set up an auto drip email campaign, 2.Search and add listings from to time. Certain web sites provide geocoding, means properties appear in google, if you agree, your listing can appear on 1,000 other brokers web sites. 3.Promote it daily with a passion. Why? 2/4/201428Copyright ICIWorld 2012

29 Social Media 2/4/201429 SampleWhy social media Why social media Video

30 Social Media search Oshawa real estate S1 search Oshawa real estate. S1Youtube.comS1 Blogging | Sample Oshawa | Writing Tips | Blogging 101Sample OshawaWriting Tips Blogging 101 What to be careful of. Power of Google - type in suggestions (media) 2/4/201430Copyright ICIWorld 2012

31 Social Media - Facebook Why Facebook is a No-Brainer for Real Estate Professionals? ResourceResource Sheer numbers ResourceResource Real estate people finding new ways to use social media 10 Ways To Stay Safe On Facebook 2/4/201431Copyright ICIWorld 2012

32 Social Media – Twitter, LinkedIn There are 3 really good ways to use Twitter in real estate: resourceresource And on Linkedin, real estate agents can be doing that by using: Linkedin Profile and join Linkedin Groups. Build connections Resource video(5)Resource Ask questions, provide answers, It is like your business card on the Internet Resource video (8)Resource 2/4/201432Copyright ICIWorld 2012

33 Social Media – YouTube (google) One of largest search engines in the world Videos of properties do a walk-through of the property get video testimonials from potential buyers showcase unique features of the property Great for learning. Resource video (2)Resource This seminar is also about empowering you to learn on your own and in other ways Searching youtube, google, for anything Give one example Health 2/4/201433Copyright ICIWorld 2012

34 Social Media Problems Solutions Security The biggest trend in social networking right now is the addition of location-aware services that let your friends and total strangers know where you are in addition to what you are doing. ResourceResource Employers can use social media platforms to learn things about you that you'd rather they didn't know. 2/4/2014Copyright ICIWorld 201234

35 Facebook Bad privacy settings for business Resource videoResource Using social media to sell home ResourceResource This is all about inbound lead generation 2/4/2014Copyright ICIWorld 201235

36 In Summary Social Media Use social media as an online presence, making yourself as a credible source, for networking, it is one way that leads people to finding you, through your interests helps interest, build your brand by attracting fans and followers, enhances property listings, interacting with customers who may have questions, increase potential to reach more customers while enhancing your business. For them who better to buy from, someone they know AND is connected and knowledgeable or to someone they do not know. 2/4/2014Copyright ICIWorld 201236

37 In Summary Web Sites Web sites trigger leads through the listings. It becomes absolutely inevitable that someone will call you if you have listings on your web site, residential, condos, commercial, MLS, exclusive, and especially some that they have no choice but to call you. Unless you have no traffic to your web site or a material defect. Promote your web site with a passion daily. This is your office building on the Internet. This is all lead generation on the Internet 2/4/2014Copyright ICIWorld 201237

38 Commercial Real Estate Education for Residential Practioners CCIM Institute is a Division of the National Association of Realtors Central Canada CCIM Chapter – TREB CCIM Introductory Course: Introduction to Commercial Investment Real Estate Analysis CI101 ResourceIntroductory Course: Resource 2/4/2014 38 Copyright ICIWorld 2012

39 Investor versus single family home buyer. Must add value. Investor Can average 2+ investments per year Built in buyer phone call away with an established business relationship Single home buyer May average one home every 5-7 years Must find and develop new buyers for your next transaction 2/4/2014 39 Copyright ICIWorld 2012

40 Evaluation In consideration of us providing this special webinar to you would you mind taking one minute and filling in the survey. In helps us to design our seminars and services for you. Have a safe drive home Have a great week! 2/4/2014 40 Copyright ICIWorld 2012

41 2/4/2014Copyright ICIWorld 201241

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