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Under the Snow Mountain Development of a Sustainable Tourism Model.

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1 Under the Snow Mountain Development of a Sustainable Tourism Model

2 Under the Snow Mountain Sustainable Tourism Defined Lijiangs Old Town Naxi Culture and History Presenting/Representing Naxi Culture Eco-tourism, Ethno-tourism and the Environment

3 Sustainable Tourism Definition: low impact, income and employment generation, conservation UNESCO World Heritage Site Risk and Reward with UNESCO designation LEAP (Local Effort And Preservation)

4 Sustainable Tourism Trend in consumers selecting environmentally and culturally sensitive travel Tourism offers unparalleled opportunities for the economic development of local communities living in or near heritage sites …and in China

5 Lijiang, Yunnan

6 Location, Location, Location Yunnan: South of the Clouds International borders Multi-Cultural history Crossroads (Trade and WWII) Environmental factors 1996 Earthquake 1998 and 2003 UNESCO designation

7 Gucheng, Old Town Venice of the East Traditional Architecture Limited Infrastructure Living vs. Created Atmosphere Public vs. Private Space

8 Venice of the East Traditional water systems Unique architecture Historic importance Cultural Crossroads

9 Traditional Architecture Earthquake proof Building requirements Space restrictions Re-creation of the Mu Family Palace

10 Limited Infrastructure Public bathrooms Water supply Power lines and other visual pollution Increased population with tourists

11 Living vs. Created Culture Daily use vs. tourism Dancing in the public square Photographs Stores and restaurants for tourists vs. living space for residents

12 Public vs. Private Space Personal history Laws and regulations Cost

13 Naxi Culture Tibetan-Burmese Language Womens Dress Food Cultural traditions Language Song and dance

14 Naxi Culture Womens Dress Traditional vs. tourist style Selling clothes Fashion vs. identity Claimed to be a Matrilineal culture

15 Dongba Culture Dongba Pictographs Living pictographic language Ritual and religious use Role of Dongba

16 Environment Three Rivers area: the Yangzi, Mekong and Salween UNESCO 2003 Tourism: Tiger Leaping Gorge Naxi Myth

17 Environment Hydro-power and mining pressure Earthquake risk Elevation

18 Environment Urban vs. Rural Power and development Roads Negative impact of regulations

19 Next Steps Practical training in heritage preservation and management Community participation in heritage preservation Tourism as a tool for the preservation and enhancement of physical and intangible heritage Sustainable conservancy while promoting tourism

20 Under the Snow Mountain Development of a Sustainable Tourism Model

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