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A M O N T H I N A L I F E B Y B R E T T W H I T W O R T H.

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1 A M O N T H I N A L I F E B Y B R E T T W H I T W O R T H

2 Who is Brett? I’m an Optometrist I live in Asbury Park, NJ I’m a 25 years old I make an annual income of $118,490

3 As an Optometrist Evaluate and diagnose eyes 4 year college degree Major from college with a science degree

4 Work with Dr. Fridel Offers :Glasses and contacts Eye Exams Therapeutic eye care Tune ups and repairs


6 Asbury Park Many art and photography galleries Theater performances (musical and dramas) Ranked 6 th best beach in New Jersey Population of 16,116

7 Paying my taxes! Annual Income $118,490.00 Monthly Income $9,874.00 Federal$2,169.64 State$497.86 Local$70.00 Medicare$143.18 Social Security $415.00

8 Major Expenditures HouseTrans.FoodIns.SaveOtherTaxes$2,401$423$650$371$900$1,834$3,295

9 My House 1017 1 st Avenue, 07712 3 Bedroom 2 Bath 1,152 Sq. Feet Hardwood Floors Detached Garage Brick Driveway

10 Housing Expenses Mortgage Payment of $1,339 a month

11 Mini Cooper ‘06 Bought for $12,770 61,500 Miles Average 28 mpg $286 monthly payment ~$90 a month in gas Maintenance is $21

12 Insurance Fees Insurance Fees Insurance Name CostHomeowners$40 Health$137 Life$10 Auto$423

13 Food Groceries$200 Dinning Out$400 Other$50

14 Internet, Phone, & Cable Comcast XFINITY Double Play $70 a month Includes TV and Internet Cell Phone - $70 Plus Upgrade

15 My personal needs Medical$45 Hair$20 Clothing$1,000 Dry Cleaning $100 Health Club $50 Other$40

16 My borrowed money Credit Card Debt Credit Card Debt $197 a month $197 a month Student Loan $75 a month $75 a month

17 Entertain Me! Entertain Me! $307 total for month $50 to DVD $50 to DVD $25 to CD $25 to CD $50 to Movies $50 to Movies $183 to Misc. $183 to Misc.

18 Saving my extras $900 a month in savings $600 goes to Retirement $300 goes to just savings for a rainy day

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20 THE END! And That’s A Month In My Life In My Life

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