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PLAY HEALTHY …or how playing sport affects our health by Helen Kapetanaki.

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1 PLAY HEALTHY …or how playing sport affects our health by Helen Kapetanaki

2 BASIC TRAINING Sports, also known as Athletics (from the ancient Greek word athlos meaning contest), are games or challenges, played individually or in teams, involving physical strength, skill, and endurance. People worldwide have been practicing them for centuries, at any age. Some of us find them exciting, others… well… not so ! Apart from excitement however, sports can play a vital role in our health. Lets see why…

3 TWO IN ONE Eastern sports and Martial arts, such as Judo, Kung Fu, Ai-ki-do, and Tae Kwon Do, sound dangerous, and many people consider them violent. Still, all of them can keep both our bodies and our minds healthy and in harmony. These arts teach us how to move, keep us physically fit and in well shape. At the same time they train us to self control, our brain to keep a positive attitude and our character to be honest.

4 Judo Tae Kwon Do

5 AI-KI-DO KUNG FU AI-KI-DO- The name comes from the Japanese words ai (union, harmony); ki (vital breath, energy); do (way. Aikido stresses the importance of attaining harmony between ki and tai (the body).

6 TAKING AIM A competitive archers exceptional aim is produced by developing strength, good posture and balance. A number of sports like Archery, Fencing, or Target-Shooting can help a person… 1.think faster 2.become focused 3.stay alert at the same time; …exactly what our brain needs to stay healthy !!

7 HEARTY Sports that involve aerobic exercise like Gymnastics, Decathlon*, Cycling, Swimming, Skating, and playing Tennis, lower the risk of heart disease, because aerobic exercise makes the heart and lungs stronger, by decreasing blood pressure and cholesterol levels throughout the day. They also help us stay at a healthy weight, and reduce our body fat because while practicing these sports we burn calories**. * Running, hurdle race, the discus throw, the pole vault, and more. ** A calorie is a unit of measurement. It measures the amount of energy in foods. It measures the amount of energy our body uses.

8 Swimming Synchronized Swimming Tennis Ice Skating Marathon Running Cycling

9 BENDING DAYS ARE OVER Sports, such as Alpine/Water Skiing, Horseback Riding, Polo, Snowboarding, Surfing, Rowing and Mountain/ Rock Climbing, require determination, vigor (strong muscles) and coordination. People who practice these sports are more energetic and have a high level of endurance. Their flexibility increases and their bones are stronger, not to mention that they have an improved posture (No Scoliosis for these guys!)

10 Mountain ClimbingHorseback Riding Surfing the waves Rowing

11 Rock Climbing Polo Snowboarding Ski Jumping Water Skiing

12 As we are having a good time our anxiety and stress levels drop. We feel confident and relaxed. Our bodies release endorphins (a chemical substance of the human body, responsible for happy feelings). When we are happy and stress-free we do not suffer from headaches, caused by stress. Our brain is healthier, our body as well. …and as ancient Greeks used to say: A healthy mind lies in a healthy body! Last but not least … A basic truth: PLAYING SPORTS IS FUN!

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