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Politics and the Media (POLS 328) Professor Jonathan Day 1.Introduction 2.Syllabus 3.Website 4.1 minute paper 5.First Reading.

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1 Politics and the Media (POLS 328) Professor Jonathan Day 1.Introduction 2.Syllabus 3.Website 4.1 minute paper 5.First Reading

2 Who is Professor Day? Born and lived in Virginia Beach, Virginia until I was 18 years old. I consider myself born a southerner, in a multi-regional city, to northern parents. My parents are from Ohio and I have been a fan of the Cleveland Browns, Ohio State Buckeyes, Cleveland Indians, and Cleveland Cavaliers since I was 7.

3 Who is Professor Day? I debated for 8 years. Umpired baseball and softball for 7 years. Undergraduate degree from Liberty University Graduate degree from the University of Iowa My primary research here at WIU will be on the Presidency Married since July 2005 I have a son named Liam

4 Liam

5 What does it take to be successful? 1. Sleep and eat well 2. Visit with professors 3. Attend classes 4. Work on Paper 5. Pride in your school

6 Syllabus Professor: Jonathan Day Office: 424 Morgan Hall Office Hours: MWF, 8:00am – 9:55am, Please feel free to make an appointment if these times do not work for you Office Phone: 309-298-1354 Email: Website: http://www.jonathanday.org Texts: various readings throughout the semester

7 Syllabus Course Description and Objective The media is an extremely important part of our society. It is the primary way in which we communicate information about the world to each individual in our society. In this course, we will explore the media’s influence on itself, the public, intermediaries, and government. Given the importance of media in our society, it is essential that we understand this material not only to understand how the world is presented to us, but also to make us more informed citizens.

8 Syllabus Expectations We should attend all scheduled classes, so that we can use that time to help each other understand the material and practice our critical thinking skills. We should read the assigned material, so that we have the same information available for our discussions online and in class. We should participate as much as we feel comfortable in class, so that we can all gain an understanding of different perspectives. We should participate in online discussions to further our understanding of the material.

9 Syllabus Contacting Me Please feel free to contact me at any time by email, phone, or in person. My email, phone number, and office hours are listed at the top of this syllabus. If you would like to visit with me and my office hours are not convenient, we will schedule a time that works for both of us.

10 Syllabus Grading Attendance = 400 (40%) Participation = 200 (20%) Paper = 200 (20%) Presentation = 100 (10%) Final Exam = 100 (10%) Total needed = 1000 points

11 Syllabus Attendance Our attendance is important for others to gain a different perspective and for us to understand the material and practice our critical thinking skills. Therefore, points will be given for attendance. Excused absences will be treated as attendance for the purpose of awarding points. One Unexcused absence will be treated as attendance for the purpose of awarding points (invariably something will keep us from class one day). For each day, signing into the attendance sheet will be the record that we were present for that day.

12 Rule #1 Do not be afraid to come to class

13 Syllabus Participation Our participation in class is greatly encouraged. Points will be given for participation online in discussion each week. Participation online includes both reading other’s posts and writing our own posts. Each week there will be a topic of discussion located at The topic of discussion will be open by Monday at 2:00pm and will be closed at Friday at 12:00pm. Attendance in class is also counted as participation.

14 Rule #2 Do not be afraid to treat others with respect

15 Syllabus Paper The paper assignment will be between 10-15 pages long (1.5 spaced; Times New Roman; 1 inch margins; name, course title, semester, and professor at the top). The assignment will be to write on a topic related to Politics and the Media. The paper idea must be approved by the professor. 25% of the paper grade will be on the proposal and abstract. 25% of the paper grade will be on the rough draft. 50% of the paper grade will be on the final draft.

16 Syllabus Presentation The presentation will take place at University Research Day. Up to 100 additional points in the class can be earned if you also participate in the Illinois State University Conference.

17 Syllabus Final Exam The final exam will be used to evaluate the learning process. The exam will consist of multiple choice questions, short answers, and/or essays. This format will allow us to evaluate the three different levels of learning.

18 Syllabus Reading Schedule When there are readings, they will be posted by Monday at 2:00pm and will be expected to have been read by Friday at 2:00pm.

19 Syllabus Important Dates January 28: Proposal of Paper Due February 11: Lincoln’s Birthday (No Class) February 25: Rough Draft of Paper Due February 25: ISU Conference Proposal Deadline March 14 – 18: Spring Break (No Class) March 25: Final Draft of Paper Due April 1: MPSA Conference (No Class) April 4: University Research Day Proposal Deadline April 8: ISU Conference (No Class) April 20: University Research Day (Class will be presenting papers at URD)

20 Syllabus Classroom Procedures / Student Rights and Responsibilities Please submit all excused absences to me in writing as soon as possible. Let me know before class starts if you need to leave class early for an excused absence. Each class session may be recorded via audio and/or video and made public so that anyone can access them. The purpose of this is to provide a universal accommodation to enhance the learning experience. The following website provides information on a student’s rights and responsibilities at WIU: We also need to maintain our academic integrity:

21 Syllabus Accommodations If you have a physical and/or financial difficulty, please feel welcome to come and talk to me during office hours or set up an appointment through email or phone so that we can discuss the best accommodation to ensure that you can do your best in the classroom. “In accordance with University policy and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), academic accommodations may be made for any student who notifies the instructor of the need for an accommodation. It is imperative that you take the initiative to bring such needs to the instructor’s attention, as he/she is not legally permitted to inquire about such particular needs of students. Students who may require special assistance in emergency evacuations (i.e. fire, tornado, etc.) should contact the instructor as to the most appropriate procedures to follow in such an emergency. Contact Disability Support Services at 298-2512 for additional services” (WIU)

22 Rule #3 Do not be afraid to do your best

23 1 Minute Paper What are you most interested to learn about in this class?

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