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ECTS/ECTP Test plan Dae Young KIM (Chungnam Nat'l Univ. South KOREA)

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1 ECTS/ECTP Test plan Dae Young KIM (Chungnam Nat'l Univ. South KOREA)

2 Contents ECTS overview ECTP overview ECTP test plan

3 ECTS Overview(1)

4 ECTS Overview (2) Characteristics Various Group Transmission Mode Simplex, Duplex, N-plex Reliable / Unreliable / Semi-reliable Transmission QoS Selection Assumes network QoS (RSVP, DiffServ, …) QoS value is defined by boundary (CHQ, OT, LQA) Selection by negotiation Group Membership Management AGI (Active Group Integrity) Session Management Setup/pause/resume/termination/join/leave

5 ECTS Overview(3) Some Peculiar Service Primitives Session Setup creation/termination/join/leave/invitation Maintenance TC pause/resume/ report Ownership transfer N:N Data Transfer Reliable/Unreliable Data Transmission Token give/get

6 QoS Defined in ECTS(1) QoS Classes Performance Throughput/Delay/Delay Jitter reliability Corrupted/Lost error rate ordering no/local/causal/partial/total ordering miscellaneous protection/precedence QoS Value Defined with 3 number (CHQ, OT, LQA)

7 QoS Negotiation in ECTS

8 ECTP Overview ECTP Protocol Stack Six Parts of ECTP Simplex reliable(1), simplex QoS(2), Duplex reliable(3), duplex QoS(4) Nplex reliable(5), Nplex QoS(6)

9 ECTP-Relationship between P1 & P2

10 Scalable ECTP Tree Structure for Control Message one TO(Top Owner), zero or more LO(Local Owner), LE(Leaf Entity) CR Local HB

11 ECTP-Part1 Simplex Reliable Multicast Tree configuration for scalability Window based flow control Selective ACK with bitmap Session Control Connection management Late join/Leave Tree membership maintenance

12 ECTP-Part2 QoS Negotiation In The Connection Setup Phase QoS Monitoring Throughput Loss rate Delay & jitter QoS Maintenance Adjustment of data transmission rate Connection pause/resume/termination

13 ECTP-2 : Mechanism

14 Connection Setup ownermember Amember B CREATE.req CR_TPDU CREATE.indi CREATE.resp CC_TPDU CREATE.resp CC_TPDU Control Tree Configuration Network QoS Setup (RSVP, DS)

15 QoS Monitoring & Maintenance

16 ECTP & QoS Which Is Better?

17 ECTP local test environments

18 ECTP testbed – Test Plan KOREA (APAN/KOREN) KOREA (APAN/KOREN) CNU ETRI JAPAN -APII Testbed -Genkai /Hyeonhae JAPAN -APII Testbed -Genkai /Hyeonhae SINGAPORE (APII Testbed) SINGAPORE (APII Testbed) EU (TEIN) EU (TEIN) Others 6M 8M 1G 10M KOREN-CNU peering KOREN-ETRI peering

19 Q&A Thanks

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