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By: Yashvardhan Kher & Yash Saxena. Survey Results Which type of thematic work would interest you?

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1 By: Yashvardhan Kher & Yash Saxena

2 Survey Results Which type of thematic work would interest you?

3 Survey Results Which type of projects would be of interest to you?

4 Survey Results What would be the motivational factors for you to take up such projects?

5 Survey Results How did you connect with the project opportunity?

6 T HE T OOLKIT Focuses on the efficient use of electricity, transportation, LPG, water, organic waste and paper.

7 P URPOSE OF THE T OOLKIT To spread awareness and sensitivity among people regarding adopting low carbon practices for a sustainable lifestyle

8 D ISSEMINATION Schools and colleges who are partners in the SGP project. State departments of Science and Technology, Education Departments, State Councils etc. Donors GEF SGP Global Partners and national NGOs Workshops being done by CEE and partner institutions. For eg. In Calcutta, Hamirpur, Goa, Bhopal etc. cont…

9 1 lakh copies printed (50,000 in English & 50,000 in Hindi) About 90,340 of them distributed: List of hard copy dissemination No. of institutions No. of booklets distributed Small Grants Programme partners8547340 Bi-lateral and multi-lateral organizations287050 Corporates114360 Government departments4720 CEE regional offices1118500 Others including schools2812370 16790340 DISSEMINATION

10 Through websites Solution exchange ( CEE ( MoEF ( SGP ( Green Teacher ( Paryavaran Mitra ( Ekonnect ( India Environment Portal ( Scribd ( ….cont

11 Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, former President of India launches the Toolkit in Pune, 26 December10

12 Students endorse the toolkit in Delhi and Himachal Pradesh


14 IMPACTS AND FEEDBACK After a workshop in Haryana with around 162 households, 60% of the households replaced incandescent bulbs with CFL bulbs A process towards minimising Indias emissions Easy to adopt and verifiable. Clarity, brevity and easy to understand Communities want presentations and trainings for their staff so as to spread these messages

15 W AY F ORWARD An Intel supported project Together We Can! – Harnessing the Power of Green Lifestyles in Youth. Partners - Global Environment Facility (GEF) Small Grant Program (SGP), United Nation Development Program (UNDP), Center for Environment Education (CEE). Project Highlights: It proposes to create a carbon calculator with a difference – CoolCalculator

16 An idea of carbon emission reduction for every climate friendly action they take. Will be made available on the internet Will be installed in 1200 schools and colleges across 12 major cities of India. Documentation and verification of the responsible actions of climate friendly activities by youth Regular updation, verification and validation of the data will be done with every school and college

17 Primary Audience: The youth of schools and colleges (equal number of boys and girls) Expected Output: Inculcate a sense of responsibility amongst the youth. Convert the good practices of the schools and colleges into quantified verified emission reduction Developing an authentic database of good actions

18 Project duration : 1 st Jan,2012 to 31 st Dec,2012 A website for the project has already been registered and will be uploaded in the next


20 200,000,000 kg of CO 2 less per year If every house in Delhi would just change 1 bulb to a CFL

21 Switch off unnecessary lights and fans Reduce annual CO 2 emissions by 28 kg Reduce annual electricity bills by ` 134 per bulb and fan kept on for just an extra hour each day

22 If you can get 1000 people to do that, thats 28000 kg of CO2 less per year Switch off unnecessary lights and fans

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