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Economic Change, Poverty and the Environment The 3xM Approach

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1 Economic Change, Poverty and the Environment The 3xM Approach

2 Required Project Outputs
A replicable analytical approach A replicable intervention approach Five demonstration projects in diverse countries

3 5 Country Experiences China: Forest co-management in Yunnan Province
Indonesia: Forest management on Lombok Island El Salvador: Regional land use planning in Chalatenango South Africa: Local tourist development in fragile desert area Zambia: Land reform in deep rural areas

4 The Analytical Approach
Analyzing Poverty-Environment Dynamics at the Local Level Analyzing the Influence of Meso-Level Institutions Establishing Linkages to Macro Policies and National Institutions Interpreting the Results Identifying Strategic Interventions

5 The Intervention Approach
Translating Socioeconomic Analysis into Intervention Plans Implementing Direct Interventions at the Local Level Influencing Meso or Subnational Institutional Arrangements Influencing National Policies and Institutions

6 The 3xM Approach Effective intervention strategies require rigorous economic, ecological and institutional analysis that cuts across the micro, meso and macro levels of a given society Removing obstacles at the local level that prevent the poor from competing economically, improving management of their natural resources and participating in political processes is the starting point of changing poverty-environment dynamics

7 The 3xM Approach Cont’d Changing policies and institutional arrangements at sub-national (meso) and national (macro) levels is required to establish a coherent policy and institutional context in which local initiatives can thrive Building alliances between rural communities and a wide range of advocates, experts and supporting institutes in urban areas is needed to effect the policy and institutional changes required across the three levels

8 Challenges Aligning the three Ms Reforming institutional arrangements
Integrating rural development in national development strategies Strengthening political influence of rural communities

9 Supplemental Reforms Clarifying resource rights and responsibilities
Addressing the compensation issue Strengthening the provision of public goods Developing ‘pro-poor’ infrastructure

10 Key Messages Require that projects be grounded on multi-layered, poverty-environment analysis that cuts across the economic, institutional and ecological spheres Require that intervention projects demonstrate the link between micro and macro levels

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