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IPv6 TF-SC January 29, 2004 2 Ancient Egyptians believed the heart was the center of intelligence and emotion. They also thought so little of the brain.

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2 IPv6 TF-SC January 29, 2004

3 2 Ancient Egyptians believed the heart was the center of intelligence and emotion. They also thought so little of the brain that during mummification, they removed the brain entirely from bodies.

4 3 Al-Khouarizmi was the first to explain the Hindu system of numerals. He created "Algebra" and "Arithmetic" around 820 AD. His Arithmetic book is the first Arab work that explains the decimal place value system.

5 4 Historical Transitions! Gregorian Calendar Pope Gregory XIII Adopted Oct 4, 1582 Protestants - GB: 2 Centuries Protestants - Russia: 3.5 Centuries later

6 5 Historical Flag Days Transitions! Y2K - Jan 1, 2000 Euro – Feb 2002 US Area Codes

7 6 ASCI Table Intl ASCII = 8 Bits US ASCII = 7 Bits DNS IDN DOS

8 7 Conclusions at US IPv6 Summit Washington Oct 2000 IPv6 is under-hyped (for what it really will do) Bob Kahn I Industry cannot make it happen D DOD must return to leadership

9 8 Quote - June 12, 2003 for IPv6 Summit in San Diego Ethernet & TCP/IP invented in Palo Alto in 1973 Bob Metcalfes Quote CSMA/CD LAN Ethernet at Xerox Parc TCP/IP WAN Internet at Stanford. E Ethernet has evolved –f–f–f–from 2.94Mbps over shared coaxial cable, to 100Mbps over switched twisted pairs –t–t–t–to 100Gbps over fiber –t–t–t–to 11Mbps over radio at 2.4GHz, and beyond. Meanwhile, TCP/IP has evolved to IPv4, where it has been sitting for too long. - ---------------- Time for IPv6!.

10 9 Carly Fiorina: Adaptive Information Technology The Next Big Thing @ CES IBM: On-Demand Computing Bill Gates: Seamless Computing O Other Vendors: > Ubiquitous Computing > Autonomous Computing > Utility Computing Forester Research: Organic Computing Gartner: Real-Time Computing Vision Hard to Name: Unglamorous Technology: Futility Computing

11 10 So, Why Bother? Its the Human Genius ! The Genius in the human being is to find a small fix for a big problem until the big problem cannot be fixed by small fixes.

12 11 So, Why Bother? e2e – The Best Kept Secret – Complexity rises as technology exceeds its design limits – Workarounds become endemic – Maintenance costs become excessive – Logical End-to-end model of networking sacrificed End 2 End Phone Call + Call back End 2 End IP Multimedia Connection

13 12

14 13 Pervasive Mobile IPv6 Telephony Innovators Early Adopters Late Majority Laggards Early Majority Bowling Alley Tornado Main Street Early Market Global IPv6 Internet IPv6 Wireless and Wireline Integration IPv6 R&D IPv6 Test Beds Commercial IPv6 Products Exist Today Peer-to-Peer Secure Mobile Gaming, E-Business, Etc….. $$$$ Investment for the Internet in Asia and Europe. Asia and Europe Projection U.S. Projection Today We are here today

15 14 Causing Major Worldwide Investments in IPv6 R&D + Infrastructure ( 1 B$ ) EU ------------------- 165 M (90ME – EC) Japan ------------------- X00 M$ Korea -------------------- 140 M$ Taiwan -------------------- 10 M$ China -------------------- 170 M$ DOD -------------------- 34 B$ (Potential)

16 15 Addressing Divide Busted!

17 16 The European IPv6 Task Force A Key & Instrumental Model

18 17 The National IPv6 Task Forces

19 18 IPv6 TF Around The World Statistics You are using IPv6 (2002:d4e9:3a79::d4e9:3a79) "The value of IPv6 can be realized only if the deployment effort is broadly based on a global scale. Part of the IPv6 Task Force effort needs to be devoted to fostering IPv6 understanding where ever the Internet has gone, and beyond that to places where it can go with the help of the much-expanded IPv6 address space. I encourage your initiative and support your efforts to create a receptive environment for the development, delivery and use of IPv6 in the global Internet". Dr. Vinton Cerf

20 19 Non-Stop Education – 12 Summits Belgian Global IPv6 SUMMIT Second Russian Global IPv6 Summit Kuala Lumpur IPv6 Summit 2003 US Global IPv6 SUMMIT Tokyo Global IPv6 SUMMIT Australia IPv6 Conference BANGALORE Global IPv6 SUMMIT Tokyo IPv6 Business Summit 2004 Global IPv6 Summit in China 2004 US IPv6 SUMMIT Global IPv6 Summit Korea 2004

21 20 IPv6 Ready Logo Initiative Unique logo programme has been defined. The IPv6 logo will give confidence to users that IPv6 is currently operational.

22 21 Apps Promotion Activities

23 22 Taking Down Barriers But Causing New Ones Infrastructure Investments 3G Disaster ( Most visible IPv6 App ) ISP ROI ( Tough to demonstrate ) No Visible & Clear Cut IPv6 Apps Showstoppers: CEO - CTO Industry Wont Make it Happen Consultants and Press Not enthused by IPv6

24 23 Releasing The Hand Brakes! Causing Some ISPs To Launch IPv6 Service Japan 50% (NTT Com ) EU France Telecom Korea Taiwan China USANTT / Verio

25 24 The Japan Appli-Contest Initiative

26 25 Conservative at 100 Billion/Year? 10 TU 1 TU 100 BU 10 BU 1 BU 100 MU 10 MU Metcalfs Law: The value of a network increases exponentially with the number of nodes on the network 1/Computer 1/Consumer Appliance 1/Object Cell PhonesWi-Fi Bluetooth/ ZigBee RFID 1/Human Potential Current Penetration Gilder / Forbes Telecosm Conference 2003 Source: Deloitte & Touche,..

27 26 Deployment Rate Slow but Steady IPv4 Internet IPv6 Internet P2P Ad Hoc VoIP GRID HN 3G ITS WEB/Email 10 Killer Apps bigger than the Web!!!

28 27

29 28 Work on Strategic Objectives: - Policy : Constant Feedback to our Gov Advocates - Business Case - Apps - National Task Force Roadmaps (US,India,..) - International Cooperation CEO – CTO Strategic Sessions Win Infra-Apps and New Apps Sectors Win New ISPs – Show Cost Case. Benchmark deployment progress – PR campaign Go for the Deployment Tipping Point: 10% IPv6

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