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Smart UAV Development Center 1 Cheol-Ho Lim, Director, SUDC, KARI Seong-Wook Choi, SUDC, KARI Kum-Won Cho, KISTI Plan for Plan for Aerospace e-Science.

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Presentation on theme: "Smart UAV Development Center 1 Cheol-Ho Lim, Director, SUDC, KARI Seong-Wook Choi, SUDC, KARI Kum-Won Cho, KISTI Plan for Plan for Aerospace e-Science."— Presentation transcript:

1 Smart UAV Development Center 1 Cheol-Ho Lim, Director, SUDC, KARI Seong-Wook Choi, SUDC, KARI Kum-Won Cho, KISTI Plan for Plan for Aerospace e-Science Asia Pacific Advanced Network Meeting e-Science Workshop August 27, 2003

2 Smart UAV Development Center 2 CONTENTS Background Trend Objective Work Scope System Budget Demonstration Program Smart UAV Development Program Conclusion

3 Smart UAV Development Center 3 BACKGROUND IT+ST -> Improvement of Engineering Environment Aerospace Technology requires large scale computing and data management -> Difficult to use Isolated resources Need to Construct Network based Design & Analysis System Providing a Uniform Aerospace Infrastructure Integration & Management of Aerospace Resources Located in Multiple Organizations and Areas Facilitating Human Collaboration in Aerospace Fields Remote Access and Operation of Aerospace Facilities and Instruments Introduction of Grid Technology to Manufacturing Field e- Manufacturing, e-CAD/CAM … EuroGrid, GEODISE, DAME, NASA IPG … Increasing Aerospace Competitiveness by e-Science Conversion of Existing Engineering Env. to New e-Science Env

4 Smart UAV Development Center 4 BACKGROUND MOST Research Infrastructure (KBSI) National e-Science N*Grid Core Technology(Middleware, Supercomputer, Network) MIC Aerospace e-Science (KARI) e- Astrophysics (KAO) … Bio e-Sciecne (KRIBB) e- Manufacturing (KIMM) MOST: Ministry of Science and Technology MIC: Ministry of Information and Communication

5 Smart UAV Development Center 5 TREND (U.S.) NASA IPG(Information Power Grid) Environment of Real time Design, Manufacturing, Maintenance of Aircraft in Grid Base Grid Services : Uniform access to distributed resources Grid Information Service Uniform Resource Access Brokering Global Queuing Global Event Services Co-Scheduling Data Cataloguing Uniform Data Access Collaboration and Remote Instrument Services Network Cache Communicatio n Services Authentication Authorization Security Services Auditing Fault Management Monitoring ARC SDSC LaRC GSFC KSC JSC Boeing NGIX NREN CMU GRC NTON- II/SuperNet NCSA EDC JPL MSFC 300 node Condor pool IPG compute and data resources DARWIN/DREAM data server / portal metadata Web user interface instrument data storage user data access authentication Ames Wind Tunnels: - National Full-Scale Aerodynamics Complex - 9x7 ft Supersonic and 11 ft Transonic - 12 ft Pressure SDSC compute and data storage resources Users NASA Ames DARWIN: Developmental Aeronautics Revolutionizing Wind-tunnels with Intelligent Systems of NASA DREAM: Distributed Remote Aeronautics Managements

6 Smart UAV Development Center 6 TREND (U.K.) GEODISE, DAME GEODISE : Grid based Aircraft Multi- discipline Optimal Design System DAME : Grid based Real-time Aircraft Operation and Maintenance System In flight data Airline Maintenance Centre Ground Station Global Network Internet, , pager DS&S Engine Health Center Data centre GEODISE: Grid Enabled Optimization and Design Search for Engineering DAME: Distributed Aircraft Maintenance Environments

7 Smart UAV Development Center 7 TREND (JAPAN) ITBL(Information Technology Based Laboratory) Grid Based Supersonic Aircraft Design NAL: National Aerospace Laboratory NIMS: National Institute for Materials Science JST: Japan Science and Technology Corporation JAERI: Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute

8 Smart UAV Development Center 8 OBJECTIVE Construction of Aerospace e-Science Construction of Design/Analysis Network for Aerospace Vehicle Based on National Grid System Collaborative Use of Aerospace Test Facilities and Equipments Dispersed in Organizations and Areas (Institute, Industry, Academia) Construction of Infrastructure for Collaborative Use of Information and Database for Aerospace Vehicle Design/Analysis

9 Smart UAV Development Center 9 WORK SCOPE SUB-OBJECTIVEWORK SCOPE Aerospace Vehicle Design/Analysis Network - Construction of Base for Integrated Optimal Design - Construction of Base for Aero/Stru/Prop/Cont. Analysis - Construction of Visualization System - Construction of User Interface (Middleware) Infrastructure for Collaborative Use of Test Facilities and Equipments - Construction of Online DB for Aerospace Test Facility - Construction of Base for Remote Access & Use of Aerospace Test Facility Infrastructure for Collaborative Use of Information on Design/Analysis - Build-up DB for Vehicle Design - Build-up Online DB for Technical Information - Build-up DB for Law and Spec. of Aerospace Vehicle - Build-up DB for Parts of Aerospace Vehicle - Construction of Online Data Center

10 Smart UAV Development Center 10 AEROSPACE ORGs in KOREA Academia SNU, KAIST, … Academia SNU, KAIST, … Research Institute KARI, ADD Research Institute KARI, ADD Industry KAI, Small Companies.. Industry KAI, Small Companies..

11 Smart UAV Development Center 11 AEROSPACE RESOURCE Human Resource Test Facility Application S/W A/C Design DB KISTI Supercomputer High-Speed Network

12 Smart UAV Development Center 12 SYSTEM Online DB Center Wind-tunnel Engine Test Cell … CFD Performance CAVE (VR) Super-Com Cluster A/C Design Code Law, Spec U.S., EURO, JAPAN… AEROSPACE e-Science AEROSPACE e-Science Test Facility Computing H/W Design Tool Analysis ToolAircraft Design DB USER Information Human Resource Visualization High-Speed Network

13 Smart UAV Development Center 13 PLAN for BUDGET YEAR SUB-OBJECTIVE SUM Design/Analysis Network Collaborative Use of Test Facilities Collaborative Use of Information on Design/Analysis SUM Unit : US M$

14 Smart UAV Development Center 14 DEMONSTRATION PROGRAM Demonstration Programs in National Grid Project (N*Grid) Grid Base Virtual Wind-tunnel : KAIST, KISTI, KARI Grid Base Analysis of Strap-on Stage Separation : SNU, KISTI Grid Base LES/DNS : PNU, KISTI Grid Base Analysis of Large Scale Aerospace Structure : SNU, KISTI

15 Smart UAV Development Center 15 N*Grid Infrastructure N* Grid User Interface Collaborative Environment Huge Scale Simulation User Interaction Input Handling Parameter Update Preprocess Data Job Submission Scientific Visualization Storage DeviceEquipmentClusterSupercomputer Simulation Program POHANG SEOUL SUWON DAEJON CHEONJU KWANGJU PUSAN

16 Smart UAV Development Center 16 Preliminary Results Daejon KREONet2 DFVLR Axial Fan Full Body Airplane Globus/MPICH-G2 Pusan Chonbuk Pohang Seoul Chonbuk N. Univ.: IBM SP2 KISTI: Compaq GS320 Computational Fluid dynamics based N*Grid Test-bed

17 Smart UAV Development Center 17 DEMONSTRATION PROGRAM (1) Development of Optimal Configuration Design Technology using Virtual Wind-tunnel Results Build-up Application Test-bed for Aerospace Field Build-up Grid Portal Grid based Flow Analysis on Korean Launch Vehicle Applied Technology Construction of Test-bed using GLOBUS Tool-kit and MPICH-G2 Construction Portal using Aerospace Pre/Post Processor Flow Analysis on the Korean Launch Vehicle using Grid Based Domain Decomposition Method

18 Smart UAV Development Center 18 DEMONSTRATION PROGRAM (1) KAIST Head Pentium IV 2.4GHz 25 nodes 1Gbps KISTI Venus Pentium IV 2.0GHz 64 nodes 100Mbps Performance of flow analysis (venus+head) - RAE 2822 Airfoil: N-S Simulation, 8 CPU Before Optimization After Optimization Airfoil shape: 65% span station Surface pressure contours: 65% span station

19 Smart UAV Development Center 19 DEMONSTRATION PROGRAM (2) Grid Base Analysis of Large Scale Aerospace Structure Results Construction of Grid Test-bed (256CPU) Structure Analysis using VDD Grid System Applied Technology Construction of Campus Grid using PC-Cluster Performance Analysis and Load Balancing using Grid Communication Library VDD: Virtual Design & Development

20 Smart UAV Development Center 20 DEMONSTRATION PROGRAM (2) Web Interface Simulation of Mindlin Plate

21 Smart UAV Development Center 21 DEMONSTRATION PROGRAM (3) Grid Base Analysis of Large Scale Aerospace Structure Results Construction of Grid Test-bed Applied Technology Parallelized LBM(Lattice Boltzmann Method) using MPICH-G2 Performance Analysis of International Grid Test-bed

22 Smart UAV Development Center 22 DEMONSTRATION PROGRAM (3) Red color: positive sound pressure, blue color: negative sound pressure Generation of sound Pressure Fluctuation

23 Smart UAV Development Center 23 SMART UAV DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM Program Overview Program Director : Cheol-Ho Lim, Dr. Ing R&D Period : – R&D Fund : Total 120 M$ USD Sponsoring Ministry : Ministry of Science & Technology R&D Stage

24 Smart UAV Development Center 24 SMART UAV DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM Development of Advanced High Speed VTOL UAV Embedding Smart Technology Low Safety High Operating Cost Runway Dependent Collision Risk Existing UAV Safety a good as Commuter Cost less than half of Helicopters Vertical Takeoff and Lading Collision Avoidance Smart UAV Fully Autonomous Flight Collision Avoidance Health Monitoring Self Restoring Active Flow & Noise Control Smart Material & Structure Smart Technology

25 Smart UAV Development Center 25 SMART UAV DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM Technology Scheme Mission Payload GCS COMM ILS SMART UAV FBG/EFPI Hybrid Sensor Active Separation Control Smart Active Blade Tip SMARC MEMS SMART TECHNOLOGY Smart UAV System Smart Technology Collision avoid system Intelligent Control

26 Smart UAV Development Center 26 SMART UAV DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM Research and Development Scheme Smart Technology Spin-Offs (Aerospace,Transportation, IT, AI, Micro Device/Mechatronics …) UAV Market (Public, Private, Commercial) KARI SUDC Government Academy Institute Industry International Cooperation International Partner Domestic International

27 Smart UAV Development Center 27 SMART UAV DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM Application of R&D Grid System Collaborative Use of Various Resources -> Overcome Limitation of R&D Resource and Reduction of R&D Cost Collaborative Use of Network, Super-com, Test Facility Dispersed Connection with National Grid Program of KISTI Smart UAV R&D Grid INDUSTRY SUPER-COM FACILITTYS/W D/B INSTITUTE ACADEMIA SUDC Network GRID

28 Smart UAV Development Center 28 CONCLUSIONS Aircraft Development is System Integration -> Optimal Model for e- Science Application !! Check-up Possibility of IT+ST through Demonstration Program 2002~2003 Reduction of R&D Cost by Sharing Resources Dispersed in Industry, Institute, and Academia Utilizing Aerospace Vehicle Design/Analysis Technology by e- Science for National Aerospace Projects Dramatic Reduction of Aircraft Development Time by enabling Multi-discipline Analysis and Design Active Application of e-Science to Smart UAV Development Program Providing Leading Model of e-Science to other area such as Shipbuilding, Automobile, Architecture,…)

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