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NACA experiences on better management, surveillance and traceability

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1 NACA experiences on better management, surveillance and traceability
Flavio Corsin

2 Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia-Pacific
Australia Bangladesh Cambodia China Hong Kong SAR India Indonesia I.R. Iran Korea (DPR) Malaysia Myanmar Nepal Pakistan Philippines Sri Lanka Thailand Vietnam Promote rural development through sustainable aquaculture

3 Aquaculture worldwide
Fastest growing food producing sector Accounts for more than 1/3 of total fisheries sector 146 mmt 91 mmt 55 mmt

4 Aquaculture in Asia-Pacific
90% of world aquaculture production! Huge economic importance Major foreign currency earner Food consumption and security 2/3 of fisheries products available for consumption are consumed in Asia! Employment about 20 million people full-time One important example: shrimp farming

5 Shrimp farming Global shrimp production (in 2003)
1.8 million metric tons Valued USD 9.3 billion Asia produced (in 2003) 1.5 m.m.t. (83% of the global production) Valued USD 7.8 billion Rapidly growing in recent years China 3.4-fold increase (1998→2003) Vietnam 4.5-fold increase (1998→2003)

6 Global shrimp production

7 Major challenges New diseases with old impacts
Environmental degradation Self-pollution Deterioration of resources (e.g. salinization) Increasingly stringent markets Healthier products (limit antibiotic residues) Traceability Antidumping Allegations for poor socio-economical sustainability Declining prices paid to farmers

8 Need for better = more sustainable ways to do shrimp farming!

9 Responsible shrimp farming
FAO Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries Principles for responsible shrimp farming Consortium program (1999) (NACA, WB, WWF, FAO, UNEP, …) NACA supports implementation of principles by: promoting Better Management Practices (BMP) to farmers and through the whole supply chain Supporting countries to develop systems in support to BMP implementation (national strategies, surveillance)

10 Better Management Practices
BMP are practices that target: Environment protection Improved shrimp health Improved food safety Socio-economic sustainability Profitable farming

11 Better Management Practices
Simple Practical Cost-effective Applicable by all, especially small-scale farmers System/time specific

12 Better Management Practices
Focus on working in groups Reduced risk of failure (seed selection, water management) Increased trading power (buying seed, selling product) Include compliance to systems Surveillance & contingency planning Traceability (record keeping)

13 Surveillance system & Contingency planning
A system to: Detect emergencies quickly and accurately Allow sharing of info with all stakeholders involved Extension workers Other farming communities Local & national authorities Researchers/diagnostic laboratories Allow a prompt reaction to the information Disease control Disease prevention in areas not yet affected (early warning) Allow collection of accurate info on production Must be cost effective and affordable by all Must have “ownership” by all NACA/FAO/OIE regional reporting system

14 Traceability Requirement of importing countries (EU, US,…)
All Edible products, despite of their origin, will have to be accompanied by detailed information on source, production system and processing procedures so as to make consumers, sanitary and inspection institutions able to follow back and forward (one step each direction) the distribution stream of the product Requirement of importing countries (EU, US,…) Food safety Bioterrorisms Record keeping is critical Concerns about small-scale producers But also opportunities for small-scale producers in creating links between consumers and producers, for the benefit of both?

15 NACA Pilot projects Started in India Strong program in Vietnam
Also other countries Indonesia Thailand Iran Mainly working with shrimp but also marine fish and other commodities (not for export)

16 NACA Pilot projects - India
Started in 2001 in 1 state Now >1000 ponds (650ha) in 5 states Government promoted Aquaclubs Contract hatcheries Over the years Better yield (by 30%) Reduced diseases (by 60%) Sometimes reduced cost of production! Better quality product Now exploring traceability & market access for BMP products

17 NACA Pilot projects - Viet Nam
BMP program started in 2004 with about 300 farmers (Danish government funded) Now incorporated into government efforts: country-wide dissemination! Activities at all levels (farmers, authorities,…) Farm results Lower risk of diseases Higher yield Improved probability of making a profit Good quality product Authorities (local, national) Develop legislation and extension material Develop strategies and systems (surveillance, traceability…)

18 Viet Nam – Surveillance system
Use mobile phones to send coded SMS to a centralized database Web-based access to data Piloted in 5 provinces 34 communes & enumerators 20 ponds/commune (total 680 ponds) Accurate information recorded Some problems in getting feedback Will use GIS Vietnam very interested in continuing

19 Vietnam - Traceability
Based on record keeping Pond books designed to fit farmer requirements Accurate data collected but not yet sent to database Other projects piloted use of mobile phones Small scale farmers must be able to comply!

20 Vietnam - OASIS BMP – Surveillance – Traceability
All can come together: farmer groups/OASIS One-stop Aquaculture Shop and Info System BMP material Market info Aqua inputs Surveillance & Traceability info OASIS Farmers Farmers Farmers Farmers

21 How can APAN help? Provide network of expertise for:
Developing surveillance and traceability systems Developing robust system to provide farmers with information (extension , market, …) Use EM data in support to sustainable aquaculture development (where? when?) Also links on capture fisheries NACA eager to collaborate & provide aquaculture expertise through its regional links

22 Thank you Chezu tinbade Xie xie Terima kasih Danyavad Ar kun Salamat
Cam on Nandri Merci Thank you Khawp jai Merbani Dhanyabaad Arigato Istuti Khawp khun Kamsahamnida

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