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TWAREN and Medical Collaborations Te-Lung Liu NCHC/TWAREN

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1 TWAREN and Medical Collaborations Te-Lung Liu NCHC/TWAREN

2 2 T ai W an A dvanced R esearch and E ducation N etwork TWAREN

3 3 What is TWAREN A physical network serves multiple purposes and logical networks TANet, connects to commodity Internet TWAREN research network experiment, testbed, special research Provisioning services on multiple layers L1 Lightpaths L2 VLAN, VPLS VPN L3 IPv4, IPv6, Multicast SSL VPN

4 4 4 core nodes 20G backbone 12 GigaPops Connects HPC resources in North and South Taiwan TWAREN Architecture 2G to the venue

5 5 TWARENs International Connections Pacific Crossing to USAs west coast upgraded to 5 Gb/s Connections between LA, Palo Alto, Chicago, and New York are 2.5 Gb/s Connects to the rest of the world via the U.S.s Abilene Network Connection expanded to Europe in 2006 (IEEAF donated 622 Mbps of bandwidth/fiber optic cable) Collaborate with ASCC and ASGC to connect to Asia countries during APAN27

6 6 TWARENs International Peerings TWAREN made peerings with international NRENs at Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Seattle (through Pacific Wave).

7 7 NCU TP TN-15600TC HC HC TN NCHU-15454CCU-15454NCKU-15454NCSYSU ASCC NIU NDHU NTU-15454NCTU NTHU TP TWAREN Optical Network Palo Alto Chicago LA NY TAIWANLightTAIWANLight Combined TWAREN/TAIWANLight Lambda Testbed

8 8 TWAREN and Medical Collaborations

9 9 Connecting Hospitals to TWAREN We provides network access, VPLS VPN and even direct lightpaths to domestic hospitals: National Health Research Institutes Kaohsiung Medical University National Defence Medical Center National Cheng Kung University Hospital Dou-Liou Branch National Taiwan University Hospital Yun-Lin Branch

10 10 International Medical Collaborations Support of Tele-surgery and medical activities at APAN Medical WG ( ). Global multipoint DVTS videoconference with Japan, Italy, Spain and Czech (2008) Ophthalmology Telesurgery demo collaborated with Czech (CESNET). (2007)

11 11 TWAREN-CESNET connection A direct lightpath that connects TW and CZ is provisioned through Pacific and Atlantic oceans in 2008/2. Joint work among TWAREN, CA*net, MANLAN, NetherLight and CESNET IPv6 and Multicast are enabled and several video streams are exchanged between TWAREN and CESNET. Further collaborations on live medical streaming and HPC computing are going on. TW-CZ Lightpath Single hop RTT 310ms Bandwidth 576Mbps TWAREN CESNET

12 12 TWAREN-CESNET Optical Topology I2 IEEAF/VSNL AMS/TXO2- NYC/TX01 OC12cS00001 I2 Alto OME 6500 Asd002a_ome04 Taiwan U.S.AEurope 622M/s CA*net4 : NYC-Chicago Back to back fiber TAIWANLight /TWAREN : Chicago- Palo Alto- LA- Taipei- Hsinchu Back to back fiber 1 GE s1/p1 s1/p17: applications Back to back fiber OC-192c s7/p1 STS GEANT2 DANTE OME 6500 Asd002a_ome02 OME 6500 Asd001a_ome02 OME 6500 Asd001a_ome07 GEANT2: ams- pra_LHC_CESNET- SURFNET_06005 HDXc 503/0/1 Amsterdam 5002LE-TWHSZ- CZPRG_NL(NBD- TWAREN- CESNET)

13 13 Live Medical Streaming 1 High-quality video streaming of live surgery with CESNet: 2007/10: Ophthalmology surgery (NCKU College of Medicine in Taiwan and Central Military Hospital in Czech).

14 14 Live Medical Streaming /9: Demo of gastrointestinal endoscopy in CESNET08 conference (8 sites in Japan, Taiwan, Italy, Spain and Czech).

15 15 Experiences on APAN 27 TWAREN is the exit to western world. ASCC and ASGC help us to access our asia colleagues. ASCC to Japan ASGC to the rest of countries Each route has to be chosen carefully Thanks for the network coordination of Prof. Okamura and Mr.Torata from U. Kyushu and dedicated engineers at each site!

16 16 Thank You ! For more information, please see :

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