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IPv6 Activities in Thailand during 2007 Panita Pongpaibool NECTEC IPv6 Forum Thailand.

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1 IPv6 Activities in Thailand during 2007 Panita Pongpaibool NECTEC IPv6 Forum Thailand


3 Research & Edu Network Infrastructure Internet2 (USA) TEIN2 JGN II (JP) 155 Mbps via Singapore UniNet NOC ThaiSarn NOC ThaiREN PoP 50Mbps IPv6

4 IPv6 Address Allocation for Thailand There are currently 18 IPv6 allocations and 10 of them are correctly announced.

5 Global IPv6 Address Allocations As of Jan 18, 2008

6 IPv6 Forum Thailand Established Dec 2006 Contact Website: http://www.thailandipv6.net Meeting every 2 months Now open for membership Individual: 500 THB (15USD) per 2 years subscription Organization: 5000 THB (150USD) per 2 years subscription Membership benefits Discount on Forums seminars, workshops, other events Priority for event registration Receive news & announcements Voting rights on Forums directions and activities Etc.

7 IPv6 Forum Thailand Activities Year 2007 Participated in Ministry of ICTs IPv6 policy working group Completed the National IPv6 Policy and Roadmap (April 2007) Participated in APAN IPv6 WG (Xian, August 2007) Organized IPv6 Preparation Seminar in cooperation with Ministry of ICT, 5 Sept 2007 300+ participants from government sector Organized IPv6 workshop for TT&T (ISP), 17 Oct 2007 Organized Thailand IPv6 Summit 2007, 19 Nov 2007 during Bangkok ICT Expo 2007 200+ participants from government sector

8 27/11/2007 Thailand IPv6 Forum 8 IPv6 Preparation Seminar 5 September 2008 Free registration (sponsored by Ministry of ICT) 300+ participants from govt sector Talks & Demos

9 Thailand IPv6 Summit 2007 19 November 2007

10 Thailands IPv6 Policy and Roadmap Endorsed by Minister of ICT on April 11, 2007

11 17/10/2007Copyright (c) Thailand IPv6 Forum11 Objectives 1.To support growth of the Internet and prepare for IPv6 technology 2.Create awareness and promote efficient IPv6 deployment 3.Improve capability of Thailands Internet infrastructure

12 17/10/2007Copyright (c) Thailand IPv6 Forum12 IPv6 Action Plan (2007-2010) Short Term 2007-2008 To establish IPv6 Excellence Center by 2008 Goal : To promote awareness and provide consultation for smooth transition from IPv4 to IPv6 to public

13 17/10/2007Copyright (c) Thailand IPv6 Forum13 IPv6 Excellence Center Roles & Responsibility Certify IPv6 ready service for ISPs and Telcos Manage IPv6 testbed Manage IPv6 showroom IPv6 training and workshop

14 17/10/2007Copyright (c) Thailand IPv6 Forum14 IPv6 Action Plan (2007-2010) Medium Term 2007-2009 Government network should support IPv6 Goal : To have IPv6-ready government networks by 2009

15 17/10/2007Copyright (c) Thailand IPv6 Forum15 IPv6 Action Plan (2007-2010) Medium Term 2007-2009 Telecom operators should support IPv6 Goal : To have IPv6-ready telco networks by 2009

16 17/10/2007Copyright (c) Thailand IPv6 Forum16 IPv6 Action Plan (2007-2010) Long Term 2007-2010 Internet service providers should support IPv6 services Goal: ISPs can allocate IPv6 addresses and provide IPv6 service to customers by 2010

17 17 IPv6 Roadmap ISPs are IPv6 ready4. Telecom providers are IPv6 ready 3. Government Network is IPv6 ready 2. IPv6 training Manage IPv6 showroom Create & Maintain IPv6 testbed Issue IPv6 Ready certificate Establish IPv6 Excellence Center 1. Long-term Medium-term Short- term 2010200920082007 Activity Plan

18 IPv6 Roadmap Infra/R&D Government TSP/ISP Appl & end user 2007200820092010 IPv6 Promotion/Training/Certifying IPv6 Excellent Centre E-Government/State Enterprises ThaiREN ISP Services IPv6 Software/Embedded/Services Telco Services (MICT & Thailand IPv6 Forum)

19 IPv6 Deployment and Service in Thailand 19

20 IPv6 Transition Services Tunnel broker NECTEC FREE PSU FREE CAT coming soon in 2008 6to4 Relay Service NECTEC: PSU: UNINET: Static Tunnel NECTEC, PSU, CAT, and other providers on IPv6 map

21 IPv6 Address Allocation & Peering CAT & NECTEC offers IPv6 address allocation for FREE T.H.NIC offers IPv6 domain name registration for for FREE IPv6 domestic peering available at CAT, NECTEC, or PSU IPv6 intl peering is through NECTEC and NSPIXP-6 in Tokyo

22 22 VPN & Wi-Fi IPv6 @ NECTEC Based on OpenVPN & OpenWRT Support both IPv4 & IPv6 Field testing

23 IPv6 Home Gateway IPv6 Gateway@Home IPv6 Home Gateway CNR 6to4 relay: UniNet 6to4 relay: NECTEC 6to4 relay: DSL Link Automatically connect to tunnel server or tunnel broker Handle 6to4 relay IPv6 firewall Automated site renumbering Now, were adding Secured v6DHCP and Auto-configuration to the Gateway

24 24 NAT-PT vic Mcast NAT-PT with Multicast NAT-PT with multicast capability to support multicast traffic between IPv4 and IPv6 networks IPv4 network v4DNS-server

25 IPv6 CAR@CNR Car Control over Wireless IPv6 Under development NEMO Wireless sensor network Stream media

26 26 Interactive Distance Learning (IDP) System based on SIP over Native IPv6 Network

27 27 SOI Asia Partners 22 partners in 11 countries SOI: School on the Internet IPv6 Multicast over Satellite Network

28 28 Other Applications and Activities Telemedicine over IPv6 Between medical schools in Thailand and Japan Remote surgery demonstration Distance Learning over IPv6 Snow-festival project demonstration (Feb 2007) Live Hi Def Video IPv6 Multicast IPv6 cameras on Supporo and Bangkok to exchange live broadcast via JGN II-ThaiSarn networks ACM SIGCOMM 2007 provides IPv6 Multicast (Aug 2007) ThaiREN receives the video/audio streaming via TEIN2 Real-time collaboration

29 IPv6 Accessible Websites

30 Summary IPv6 testing and deployment already happens especially in R&E communities Many ISPs have their own IPv6 address blocks and started connecting to the testbed IPv6 Forum Thailand has successfully pushed out the nations IPv6 Policy and Roadmap We should see the formation of IPv6 Excellence Center within 2008 NTC (telecom regulator) started to pay attention to IPv6

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