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Pakistan Education & Research Network (PERN)

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1 Pakistan Education & Research Network (PERN)

2 An Overview The project is related to the overall vision and objectives of IT Action Plan. Aimed to be an integral part of the overall education system of the country. Designed to interlink 56 Public/ Private sector chartered universities/ degree awarding institutes and research institutes.



5 Pakistan Education & Research Network – 2 (PERN-2) Upgradation of Core Network & Last Mile Connectivity

6 Primary Objectives Provide state of the art Telecomm infrastructure and services to Educational and Research institutions. A high speed dedicated Educational Network for Public/Private Universities & Higher learning Institutions registered with the HEC Government of Pakistan. Access to Digital Library. Provision of Internet Services. To reduce the recurring cost by increasing the number of PoPs.

7 Primary Objectives Availability of higher bandwidth at universities last mile to enable Collaborative research Knowledge sharing Resource sharing Distance Interactive learning Video Conferencing Addition of 59 more Public/ Private sector chartered universities/ degree awarding institutes and their campuses for both Intranet and Internet services.

8 Scope of the Project This project will extend the services to higher education institutions of the Pakistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir. Students, faculty, researchers and scientists, all will be facilitated through this project. The number of PoPs will be increased from three to seven. The Core Network bandwidth 50 Mbps will be upgraded to 155 Mbps and the network will have provision for gigabit connectivity at core level. 2 Mbps last mile connectivity to universities will be upgraded to E3. 70% of the universities are located in three major cities of Pakistan, Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore. The universities in each city will connected with gigabit ether-net using the metro fiber optic rings.

9 Application and Services Current Services Internet access Resource Sharing Digital Library: >17000 Journals ( IEEE, ACM etc.) Point-to-Point Videoconferencing MIT OCW Mirror site Bioinformatics site Planned Services Multipoint Videoconferencing ( H.323,SIP) VoIP IP Telephony Connectivity to International Research and Educational Networks

10 Three Tier Scalability Immediate Scalability Core Intranet: 50Mbps to OC3/STM1 Last Mile Connectivity: nxE1 to E3/DS3 Interim Scalability (Interfaces change only) Core Intranet: OC3/STM1 to OC12/STM4 Last Mile Connectivity: E3/DS3 to nxE3/DS3 Long-term Scalability (with minor upgrade) Core Intranet: OC12/STM4 to OC48/STM16 Last Mile Connectivity: nxE3/DS3 to OC3/STM1

11 PERN-2 Intranet A Country Wide Private & Dedicated Network for Educational & Research Reforms


13 Video Conferencing System

14 International Connectivity with Other Networks

15 Thank You!

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