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Six Nutrients.

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1 Six Nutrients

2 Words to Know! NUTRITION - is the science that studies how body makes use of food. DIET - is everything you eat and drink. NUTRIENTS - are the substances in food.

3 The Process of Satisfying Hunger
You need energy You feel hungry You eat to get rid of hunger You feel satisfied You need more energy The cycle repeats again

4 What Food Does for You It provides energy for daily activity It gives you raw material Eating is an enjoyable activity

5 Why do we need food? Our bodies need to remove substances from our food in order to help our bodies grow, have energy, and stay healthy…. These substances are called NUTRIENTS

6 Six Essential Nutrients
Carbohydrates Protein Fat Minerals Vitamins Water

7 Carbohydrates Carbohydrates are the primary source of energy. (starches and sugars) Provides energy and nutrients Two kinds: Simple and Complex Sources of Carbohydrates: - Whole wheat breads - Rice - Pasta - Potatoes


9 Protein Protein is essential for body growth. (Build hormones!) It also repairs and maintains body cells. Amino Acids: 22 amino acids in proteins. They come from the foods we eat. Complete- animal sources- have all amino acids Incomplete - plant sources- missing some of them Sources of Protein: Meats Eggs Fish Nuts Beans

10 Types of Proteins COMPLETE: contain all the essential or necessary amino acids that our body needs. INCOMPLETE: is missing one or more of the essential amino acids that our body needs.

11 Vitamins Vitamins help regulate body functions. They also help fight infection, grow healthy, prevent disease. Come from foods--Cannot made by our bodies. Two groups: 1.Water-soluble 2. Fat –insoluble Sources of Vitamins: Healthy Foods! Fruits -meat Vegetables -dairy Whole grain breads

12 Fats Fats are another source of energy. It protects against temperature changes, cushions body organs, carries soluble vitamins throughout the body, promotes healthy skin and normal body growth. Saturated (bad) and monounsaturated (good) fats Sources of Fat: Butter - Cheese Eggs - Meat

13 Types of Fat SATURATED: UNSATURATED: usually solid at room usually liquid at room temperature temperature

14 Minerals Minerals- elements needed in small quantities to help your body work properly. They also regulate daily elimination, promote healthy bones and teeth. Sources of Minerals: Milk Meats Whole grain cereal Fruit Veggies

15 Water Water is essential to our body because it carries nutrients, help digestion, boosts metabolism, removes waste, lubricates joints, keeps body from overheating, 70% of our body is water. *most common nutrient. Sources of Water: Water Juices - Fruits -Veggies Milk

16 How Much Should You Eat? It depends on three factors: Gender Activity level Age

17 Check for Comprehension!
On the bottom (backside) of your 6 Nutrients worksheet, write a paragraph (AT LEAST 4-6 sentences) that explains: why we eat why each nutrient is essential for a healthy body how each of them benefits the body.

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