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Geometry Review.

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1 Geometry Review

2 TYPES OF LINES 1. Parallel Lines - Two lines that never intersect.
2. Perpendicular lines - Two lines that intersect forming right angles.

3 Types of Angles Right angle - an angle with 90 degrees
- an angle between 0 – 90 degrees Acute angle Obtuse angle - an angle between 90 – 180 degrees Straight angle - an angle with 180 degrees in it.

4 Types of Polygons Triangles Quadrilateral Pentagon Hexagon Heptagon
Octagon Nonagon Decagon Undecagon Dodecagon N- gon Has three sides Has four sides Has five sides Has six sides Has seven sides Has eight sides Has nine sides Has ten sides Has eleven sides Has twelve sides Has N- sides

5 Polygons Polygons are simple, closed, planar geometric figure whose sides are line segments. The number of sides is the same as the number of angles. Concave polygon have an indentation. Convex polygons have no indentation.

6 Types of Quadrilaterals
Has one set of parallel sides. Has two sets of parallel sides A parallelogram with all equal sides A parallelogram with all right angles A Rectangle with all equal sides. Trapezoid Parallelogram Rhombus Rectangle Square

7 Regular Polygons A regular polygon has all equal sides and all equal angles. A square is an example of a regular quadrilateral. Here are some other examples.

8 TRIANGLES There are 180 degrees in a triangle !!!! Right Equilateral
In regards to ANGLES Right -Has 1 right angle Obtuse -Has 1 obtuse angle Acute -Has all acute angles Equiangular – has all angles the same measure. In regards to SIDES Equilateral - all equal sides Isosceles - 2 equal sides Scalene No equal sides There are 180 degrees in a triangle !!!!

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