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2 Current Case w 2 national backbones academic commercial w 4 international links w 3000 host in March 1995, 37327 hosts in June 1998 and 85000 hosts in June 2000 w estimated number of users 1000000

3 Turkey w Map w Data about the Internet usage in Turkey kursat ilker ours

4 Problems w Economic problems w Telco monopoly w Reselling w Lack of regulatory body w Social and cultural issues

5 Economic w not enough money for lines personnel equipment w true for academic backbone (state)

6 Telco Monopoly w No real infrastructure w No real motivation to give better service w No reselling is allowed w true for both academic and commercial

7 Reselling w A problem for commercial nw w Telco do not like it w no market at the beginning w attracting customers

8 Regulations w No regulatory body w different state offices have power to do different things w but do not have responsibility w both for academia and commercial

9 Social and cultural issues w for most people even accessing basic life facilities is a problem w language / contents w no training w expensive service for an ordinary dial-up user (pc + ISP fee + phone bill) w training people w both academic and commercial

10 5 years later... w one backbone w educational backbone will diminish w severe security and operations management problems w more business on the net w increase in the number of ISPs w increase in the usage w mobile phone networks will carry more internet traffic

11 What do we need?

12 Economical w Growth w consistency

13 Regulatory body w that has power and budget w representatives from the government, the industry, the academia

14 Law w About security issues w electronic crime w copyright issues w all e-commerce oriented issues

15 Telecommunication carrier w privatization in telco, w many carriers w peering between them w load sharing etc.

16 Usage of IT w in business w in state offices w in education w security issues w operations management issues

17 Training w Users w technical people w informing people about the benefits of Internet

18 For more users w More Internet cafes w Good marketing w Lower fees

19 Content w Turkish w more information about the state services w better designed home pages

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