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A Brief Introduction to Internet Network Management and SNMP Geoff Huston NTW Track 4.

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1 A Brief Introduction to Internet Network Management and SNMP Geoff Huston NTW Track 4

2 What are we talking about? n Network Management Tasks –fault management –configuration management –performance management –security management –inventory management –accounting management

3 Fault Management n detection n exception alarm generation n investigation and analysis n statistics for steady state behaviour characterisation

4 Configuration Management n installation of new hardware/software n tracking changes in control configuration –who, what and why! n revert/undo changes n change management n configuration audit –does it do what was intended?

5 IP Route Management n routing integrity n consistency with customer requirements n consistency with external peers n conformance with imposed policy constraints

6 Security Management n exception alarm generation n detection n uniform access controls to resources n backup

7 Performance Management n Availability and Reliability metrics n Quality metrics n real-time measurement n historical analysis

8 Accounting Management n identifying consumers and suppliers –of network resources n mapping network resources to customer identity n charge back –volumetric data –time data –date time of day

9 Problem Tracking n reporting procedures n fault management n escalation and referral n historical data for component reliability analysis

10 Inventory Control n hardware –components –identity –location n software –version control

11 Knowledge Based Management n "expert" systems n Modelling –simulation –routing –configuration changes

12 No single system will solve all your problems or meet all your requirements Any Network Management package can only complement effective and efficient operational procedures Need to identify what is important to you and your organization

13 SNMP n Simple Network Management Protocol n Doesn't SNMP solve all these problems ? –Don't be silly!

14 SNMP n Where did it come from ? –Internet Engineering Task Force »Network Management Area –SNMP V1 –MIB definitions –SNMPV2

15 What is it ? n more than just a protocol … n It defines an architecture for extracting information from the network regarding the current operational state of the network, using a vendor-independent family of mechanisms

16 Structure of Management Information (SMI) n identifies and defines structure of management information –RFC1155 n defines –commonly defined data item –syntax of the data type –semantics of the data object

17 Syntax n uses ASN.1 (Abstract Syntax Notation) –binary encoding 02 01 06is a 1 byte integer, value 6 n Primitive Types INTEGER, OCTECT STRING, OBJECT IDENTIFIER, NULL n Constructor Types a record SEQUENCE an array

18 Syntax n Defined Data Types IpAddresswhat you expect Counternon-negative integer that wraps Gaugenon-negative integer that latches TimeTickstime in hundredths of seconds


20 SNMP n Management Information Base (MIB) –"database"of network objects –Groups: »System, Interfaces, Address Translation, IP, ICMP, TCP, UDP, EGP –"Access" and "Status" attributes –actual variables are "instances" of OIDs for interface 3 ipRouteNextHop for network

21 SNMP n The SNMP protocol itself –allows inspection and alteration of MIB variables n UDP Based –not acknowledged transactions n PUT, GET, GET-NEXT operators

22 SNMP n SNMP Traps –unsolicited notification of events –can include variable list –ColdStart, WarmStart –LinkUp, LinkDown –Authentication Failure –EGP Neighbour Loss –Enterprise Specific

23 Network Management Software n SNMP Agents –provided by all router vendors –many expanded (enterprise) MIBs –bridges, wiring concentrators, toasters

24 Network Management Software n Public Domain –Application Programming Interfaces available from CMU and MIT –include variety of applications

25 Network Management Software n Commercially –many offerings, UNIX and PC based »HP OpenView »SunNet Manager »Cabletron Spectrum »*MANY* others

26 Choosing a Management Platform n Does it: a) Support your systems ? b) Run on your platforms ? c) Meet your requirements ? d) Match your resources ?

27 Choosing a Management Platform n Maybe you can get away with something quick and dirty using existing tools n Maybe a commercial management product will meet your operational requirements

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