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HOW TO SCHEDULE ACTIVITIES Training Unit 10.1 How to realise work plan and timing.

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1 HOW TO SCHEDULE ACTIVITIES Training Unit 10.1 How to realise work plan and timing

2 How to schedule activities How to realise work plan and timing A project requires a whole manner of resources and persons utilised to meet and achieve a specific objective by a predetermined deadline and with a quantifiable budget. A greater in-depth building of a project and realising the work plan answer to five basic questions: What is intended? This question regards the desirable general objective to be achieved. How to act to achieve the scope? In this case, it makes reference to all events and activities that will have to be carried out to achieve the objective.

3 How to schedule activities Who will you make the activities? It is about identifying the resources in terms of persons, funds and technology that contribute to achieve the objective. When will the activities be made? This question regards scheduling that activities will have to be carried out in. How long and what cost activities? The question concerns expenditures for carrying out the activities and also concerns information about funding. It is possible answer to each question only if the previous one will be answered.

4 How to schedule activities How to realise a work plan The working plan, whose structure must be reported to the Application Form, is the income of a sharing process among the partners, who, although the planning has been made mainly by one of the organisations, must in any way know the set of actions planned and go together for the definition on each one of them. Planning must work out a flexible work plan, considering the complexity of mobility actions, and adjustable to conditions to be checked in progress.

5 How to schedule activities Steps of the planning process Building a project for a Lifelong Learning Programme requires different planning steps that are standardised and can be synthesized by this way: definition of the project team; the division of the project in working phases; the definition of roles and tasks of partners; budgeting;

6 How to schedule activities the definition of the evaluation strategy and quality guarantee; the definition of the entire work (life cycle of the project) and of each activity, according to the structure into WP; the definition of a communication and valorisation plan to highlight the project in a suitable way and to transfer the results of the action to the origin area. Each part of the project must be put into relation by an evident relationship of logical succession.

7 How to schedule activities Planning of a transnational mobility action (The experience developed during the years about the specific case of mobility planning has also brought to standardise the actions, without influencing on the peculiarities of each project idea). National Agencies have identified five main areas to classify the whole possible activities inside the mobility: promotion, information and selection; guidance and preparation for the mobility experience; organisation of internship / exchange; setting up and development of internship / exchange; evaluation and valorisation of results.

8 How to schedule activities Contents : Contents of European mobility project planning. Basic fields to be clarified during the planning. How to realize work plan. Steps of the projects planning. Specificities of mobility planning.

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