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Training unit 12.1 Planning the dissemination: objectives and process

2 How to plan a dissemination strategy
KEY CONCEPTS DIFFUSION: process planned to give information on the quality, the relevance, the effectiveness of the project results; DISSEMINATION: the dissemination includes the activities aimed at increasing the visibility of the project results; OPTIMIZATION: according to the EU Committee the optimization is a process of exploitation of the learning and of the results of a project, carried out with the aim of optimizing their value and impact in the existing contests and in new ones; MAINSTREAMING: the mainstreaming activities include all the actions, methods and tools aimed at ensuring visibility, transferability and usability to the project results.

3 How to plan a dissemination strategy
The Committee and the National Agencies have, ultimately, three reasons to ask to activate dissemination process: to give information, even if indirectly, on how the EU funds (which we ought always to remind are money of the EU citizens) have been spent; to develop the education and training systems of the EU members, through the spreading of the information on the actions that have been realized; To encourage the innovation of these systems, through the transfer of good practice.

4 How to plan a dissemination strategy
Potentialities for the operator They act inside a network of partners and in a specific geographic context. To spread the achieved positive results means to increase the visibility and the reputation of those who have produced them.

5 How to plan a dissemination strategy
The fundamental elements of the dissemination strategy: the individuation of the people interested both at a vertical level and at a horizontal level; the individuation of coherent objectives with specified typologies; the individuation of the object to be disseminated; the responsabilities inside the network and the external agents that have possibly been involved; the broad timing of the activities and the quantification of the costs; the tools and the channels to be activated for the dissemination.

6 How to plan dissemination strategy
The actions of dissemination and the usable channels PROMOTION ACTIONS Coordinated graphic line: to give organic unity and visibility to the different interventions through the use of a graphic logo that distinguishes the communication and dissemination campaign throughout the reference period of the project. Adversiting in the media: it is possible to use the media to advertize both the overall LLP and the specific actions of the Communication Plan, such us the website, the training activity, the training abroad, the conferences, etc.

7 How to plan a dissemination strategy
External pubblicity: includes the use of tools like posters, explanatory permanent or temporary plates, together with incisive and easily recognizable placards with the same coordinated graphic line, along the major roads of the territory; Movable stands: it is possible to organize movable and travelling structures to be mounted in the nerve centers of the territory on the occasion of public events, fair, etc... Project conferences: projects can include visible events of the nature of conferences, connected to crucial moments of the intervention.

8 How to plan a dissemination strategy
Promotional products: it is possible to make a series of promotional gadgets such as calendars, caps, pens, personal organizers, notepads, etc... – with the graphic logo on all of them – to be distributed on the occasion of public events (such as conferences); Media and multimedia products: products like videos and CD-ROMs make the work of information on contenets and results more agreeable and quicker.

9 How to plan a dissemination strategy
INFORMATION ACTIONS Internet: the project website can contain all the available information and documentation (including the unabridged text of the documents), with particular regard to the products of the different phases, to the training and training activities (ITV), to the updating activities for the operators (VETPRO). Call center: this action can mainly perform two actions: 1. to provide a general information service on the mobility activities; 2. to direct the prospective recipients to the specific information that better suits their needs.

10 How to plan a dissemination strategy
Press conferences: press conferences can be used to promote the main LLP initiatives and can be addressed to the press agents of the various public institutions. Mailing: it is possible to send, quickly and effectively, information and promotional material to the users, grouped in precise target categories drawn from a data base containing all the names of those who will have asked for information on the project and on the services. Information in the media: the press releases for the spreading of the news can be addressed to all the regional press organs, as well as to the press offices of the various institutions of the regional territory.

11 How to plan a dissemination strategy
The spreading activities must conform to the regulations specified by the National Agencies at the moment of the subscription of the funding agreement with the leading organization. That refers in particular to two aspects: the EU funding support must be visible; responsability for the contents: the Committee and the National Agencies have no responsability for the contents of any project communication.

12 How to plan a dissemination strategy
Content The key-concepts of dissemination, optimization and mainstreaming. The contents of the dissemination plan. The fundamental elements of the dissemination strategy. The dissemination actions and the exploitable channels. The contents of the different possible actions. The EU regualations regarding dissemination.


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