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About Terremark Worldwide

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2 About Terremark Worldwide
Leading operator of carrier-neutral data centers and Internet exchanges Access to more than 160 global network carriers Built, own and operate advanced top-tier datacenters Leading provider of managed services Complex managed hosting specialists Enterprise cloud Infinistructure utility computing platform Serving customers worldwide United States Europe Latin America

3 Customers 3

4 Terremark Global Presence

5 Terremark Facilities in Latin America
NAP del Caribe. Located at CyberPark, a technological and industrial park in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Built to withstand Category-5 hurricanes, with 4,000 square meters of collocation space, redundant power feeds, multiple fiber optic duct banks and 2N+1 redundancy in energy and air conditioning. Currently operational NAP de las Américas - Colombia. Located in the Free Zone of Bogotá, Colombia. The Free Zone is approximately 2 km from the International Airport El Dorado in one of the main industrial sectors of Bogotá. Two story building with 2,340 m2 of collocation space, four emergency generators and more than half dozen of international carriers with presence in the Free Zone. Currently operational NAP do Brasil. Terremark do Brasil Ltda., a fully-owned subsidiary of Terremark Worldwide, has partnered with Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo (FAPESP), to co-manage the NAP do Brasil Peering Platform at early stage of the operation . Total exchange traffic: 9.6 Gbps; co-location area: 5,133 ft2; two redundant power feeds; two generators, each with a capacity of 1,941 KW; four UPS units, each with a capacity of 400 KVA. Currently operational


7 Project Objectives Create the NAP del Caribe in Dominican Republic, a replica of the NAP of the Americas®, to provide the most secure, reliable, and connected NAP in the Caribbean Integrate the NAP del Caribe to Terremark’s Global Network of NAPs to access Terremark’s massive connectivity provided by over 130 telecommunications clients Create a “Virtual Marketplace” to serve companies from the Caribbean and Latin America through solutions deployed and operated by technology companies at the NAP del Caribe Provide D.R. with a technology platform for deployment of IP-based solutions addressing public and private sectors in the Caribbean

8 NAP del Caribe – Main Characteristics
NAP del Caribe: Located in CyberPark, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Operational: Since July 2008 NAP of the Americas® Miami to NAP del Caribe: STM1 (October) Designed to withstand Category 5 Hurricanes Power autonomy of 14 days NOC - Monitoring: Local and Centralized (Miami) Massive Connectivity & “Zero Mile” : No need of local loops for Peering, Transit and Point-to-Point links Standardization: Same International Rules and Procedures Connectivity: Fiber and Microwave Services Collocation Remote Hands/Smart Hands Energy (AC/DC) MRS (August, 2008) Peering (August, 2008)

9 NAP del Caribe – Building Features
Land Area: 215,280 sq. ft. (20,000 m2) Gross built area: 105,000 sq. ft. (9,765 m2) Collocation Area: 43,o4o sq. ft. (4,000 m2) 400 Tons Chillers and internal distribution inside the building Standard 20 units, 20 Tons air handler Emergency Power Plant for cooling system Main Power Transformer 1,000 KW from 12,500 to 440 VAC Emergency Power Plant 650 KW with automatic transfer Fuel Tank for Power Plant

10 International Connectivity
Boca Raton Emergia Arcos Cancún Americas 2 Arcos Puerto Plata TCS-1 Antillas 1 Colombia

International Expansion Plans Boca Raton Emergia Arcos Cancún Americas 2 Arcos FESTON DE ARCOS PUNTA CANA/NAP DEL CARIBE FIBRALINK Puerto Plata TCS-1 Antillas 1 Colombia TRAMO DE EMERGIA SAN JUAN/NAP DEL CARIBE


13 NAP del Caribe - Phase I

14 NAP del Caribe - Phase II

15 Conclusion NAP del Caribe is a great complement to the Cyber Park initiative created by the Government of Dominican Republic with the idea of generating high level technology jobs The best in class security, reliability of power and air conditioning, and carrier-neutral connectivity featured by NAP del Caribe, have enticed the Government of Dominican Republic to move its key IT infrastructure to the NAP NAP del Caribe has already generated significant interest of International Carriers to extend fiber cables to the Dominican Republic, what will result in better and more economical connectivity


17 NAP of the Americas – Colombia
TIER 4 Data Center Operational: Since Mar 2008 Bogota Free Zone: No import duties or VAT taxes on imported equipment Total collocation area: First Floor: 945 m2 Second floor: 915 m2 (Future) Services: Collocation (Cages and cabinets) Remote hands/Smart hands Energy (AC/DC) MRS (August) Peering (August)

18 Carriers with Presence at the NAP of the Americas - Colombia
BT Telefonica Synapsis Telmex (August) ETB Global Crossing (August) Diveo (July) Internexa (July) IFX (August) Columbus (August) UNE (In negotiations)

19 NAP of the Americas – Colombia International Connectivity
NAP of the Americas® Miami to NAP of the Americas - Colombia: STM1 (August) (Columbus)

20 NAP of the Americas – Colombia Conclusion
The NAP of the Americas Colombia is the most advanced carrier-neutral NAP in Colombia The NAP features best-of-class security, reliability of power and air conditioning, and the best connectivity in the country Its location at the Bogota Free Zone presents a significant benefit for its clients that are able to import new and used equipment with significant fiscal advantages

21 NAP do Brasil July 21st, 2008

22 General Terremark do Brasil Ltda. is a fully owned subsidiary company of Terremark Worldwide, Inc. Infrastructure: Tier III, Best-in-Class (Reliability and Availability). Neutrality: Carrier Neutral Total collocation area Initial Space: 500m2 Expansion: Minimum additional 500m2 Services: Collocation (Cages and cabinets) Remote hands/Smart hands Energy (AC/DC) MRS Peering Connectivity: 18 carriers (10 via fiber, 7 via radio and one via satellite)

23 Exchange Platform (July 2008)
NAP do Brasil Exchange Platform (July 2008) Participants: 37 Total Traffic: 9.6 Gbps (peak) Number of Prefixes: 6,387 Cross-connect: More than 500

24 NAP do Brasil – Exchange Point Participants
Legend: (1) Under Activation (2) Peering to be negotiated

25 NAP do Brasil - Exchange Platform
High Reliability Redundant Topology State-of-the-Art Platform comprised by Force10 Switches Quick Activation: “Plug and Peer” Interconnected via Optical Fiber and UTP Cat.6 to the MPR Flexible, Robust and Scalable High Processing Capacity, capable to handle Future Expansions Almost unlimited number of Tagged VLAN’s (802.11q) Public & Private VLAN’s and IP Transit only options 10Mbps, 100Mbps, 1Gbps and 10Gbps Ports available

26 NAP do Brasil

27 NAP do Brasil – Exchange Platform
Platform Topology Comprised by three switches interconnected via 10Gbps and two route-servers Configuration sw-peer01 : Force10 E300 sw-peer02 : Force10 E300 sw-peer03 : Force10 S2410 route-server01: Dell PE 1850 (Red Hat EL v 4.0 / quagga v ) route-server02: Dell PE 1850, (Red Hat EL v 4.0 / quagga v )

28 Peering at Terremark NAP´s
Commercial NAP´s Carrier Neutrality Exchange Services are Core Business of Terremark Platform installed in a World Class Data Center Services Agreement with SLA and Remedy Clauses Human Resources highly specialized in IP Technologies Interconnection to the Worldwide Network of Terremark NAP’s (STM-16) Sites ideally constructed for peering related companies: Carriers, ISP’s, Content Providers, Mobile Operators, SaaS Providers, MMGO’s, VoIP companies, etc. NAP do Brasil Major Multilateral Exchange Point in Latin America IPv4 (current) and/or IPv6 (from Aug 2008)

29 Global Peering Forum The GPF (Global Peering Forum) is an annual event jointly organized by Terremark, Equinix, Switch & Data,, AMSIX and DECIX, as well as sponsored by several equipment vendors. Last year, the event had the participation of almost 200 attendees at the Hard Rock Casino Resort (Florida – USA).

30 Thank You !!! MUCHAS GRACIAS!!!
Hugo Zanon Junior Tel:

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