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4/07/09Sollins/CSAIL1 Early thoughts on an architecture for network management Karen Sollins MIT CSAIL FIND PI Meeting Arlington, VA, April 7, 2009.

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1 4/07/09Sollins/CSAIL1 Early thoughts on an architecture for network management Karen Sollins MIT CSAIL FIND PI Meeting Arlington, VA, April 7, 2009

2 Sollins/CSAIL24/07/09Sollins/CSAIL2 The project uModel-based Diagnosis in the Knowledge Plane uCollaborative with John Wroclawski (USC/ISI) uOne year of FIND funding - supplemented with äREU supplement äindustrial support from Intel and Cisco äCenter for Bits and Atoms (non-Nets NSF funding) äDETER

3 Sollins/CSAIL34/07/09Sollins/CSAIL3 3 What is network management uIdentifying, reporting, mitigating, solving problems with network behaviors uImproving network behaviors uInforming clients of options, making predictions of network behavior

4 Sollins/CSAIL44/07/09Sollins/CSAIL4 4 What this talk is NOT about: what we did u3 PhDs at MIT: äGeorge Lee, Model-based statistical diagnosis äRob Beverly, Machine learning, where, when, how, and how to expand ones horizons äJi Li, Organizing in the Knowledge plane uPhD level student, Arun Visnawathan, (USC), reputation based weighting in statistical aggregation of perspectives uREU, Jenny Liu (MIT), diagnosing multidomain experiment problems in DETER

5 Sollins/CSAIL54/07/09Sollins/CSAIL5 5 What this talk IS about: Where do we go from here uIs network management a problem? uWhat are the challenges? uIs an architectural approach important/necessary? uWhat have we learned to date? uWhere do we go from here?

6 Sollins/CSAIL64/07/09Sollins/CSAIL6 6 Is network management a problem? Two perspectives uIn enterprise or ISP äSignificant data collection äOngoing monitoring äSpecialized, targeted tools äStill difficult to address non-localizable problems uConsider the traveling employee äIn security context, may apply NAC/NAP to verify clean, trustworthy access äIn net mgmt. context, internal support has little opportunity to support traveling employee uHear this from enterprises, service providers, network manufacturers

7 Sollins/CSAIL74/07/09Sollins/CSAIL7 7 The challenges uScaling äGeography or topology äTime uDuplication äcollection of same data in different tool contexts äduplication of analyses uNon-localizable questions uPolicy boundaries äIdentification of constrained information to be shared äIncentives, cost-benefit analysis uPerformance: management must stay in the background uAvailability in the face of imperfectly working network

8 Sollins/CSAIL84/07/09Sollins/CSAIL8 8 Why architectural? uIntegration and independence of underlying information model uAbility to integrate new tools, capabilities, information: extensibility uAbility to (re)organize computations (mgmt apps and monitoring/measurement) adaptively based on function, topology, geography, performance, policy uFramework in which to evaluate and negotiate incentives for controlled cooperation uFederation: policy and technology

9 Sollins/CSAIL94/07/09Sollins/CSAIL9 The Knowledge Plane The networks: data and control planes Knowledge Plane infrastructure Knowledge Plane applications

10 Sollins/CSAIL104/07/09Sollins/CSAIL10Sollins/CSAIL10 Where we are: KP organizing framework uDecomposing, organizing and locating computations to meet organizational, performance, and policy criteria äFunctional (refinement), Structural (hierarchical or concatenated), Physical/topological, Policy uApplication of statistical machine learning for analysis, diagnosis, prediction äIncomplete, incorrect, inconsistent, misleading, poorly understood, what is needed is only available through inference uAdaptation to include additional capabilities in analysis as available äParameterizable, extensible, abstractable

11 4/07/0911Sollins/CSAIL11Sollins/CSAIL11 But thats not all: Information/knowledge mgmt uAn Information plane uPolicy framework uIncentives framework

12 Sollins/CSAIL124/07/09Sollins/CSAIL12 Information Plane uInformation publication and discovery: announcements and requests uQuestion of whether identification required: attributes, metadata, identifiers? uOntology(ies) and conformance for understanding and reconciling uUnderpinnings: storage, distribution, rendezvous, delivery uRegion abstraction: supports topology, geography, policy/administrative organization

13 Sollins/CSAIL134/07/09Sollins/CSAIL13 Policy Framework uFederated environment, at best uRoles: publisher, domain of applicability, subscriber. Note each may be sets or defined by other descriptors. uPermitted or denied behaviors uTrustworthy enforcement or accountability/recourse mechanism uNote: a key challenge is conflict resolution or at least exposure - a tussle

14 Sollins/CSAIL144/07/09Sollins/CSAIL14 Incentives uCosts and benefits to whom äMetrics: absolute or relative, may be monetary, but may be others, e.g. reputation, trust, risk äIndividualized? äStatic/dynamic: frequency of re-evaluation äScope of metrics: diminishing returns or network effect? äTiming: possibility of performing offline, in order to allow for policy evaluation in this context uHope: to enable controlled and understood cooperation

15 4/07/09Sollins/CSAIL15 A broader insight uA new underlying paradigm: information (or content) based networking uBalancing control: move from sender controlled to control at both (or all) ends uRelease from location dependence: who matters more than where uGeneralize communication paradigm: release from simultaneity requirement uSome talks I heard here: Estrin, Jain, Allman, Snoeren, Schulzrinne, Talpade, Ng (only from yesterday)… uOther related projects: CCN (Jacobson), PSIRP (Trossen/Nikander)

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