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1 APNIC Status Report LACNIC VI Mar 29 – Apr 1, 2004 Montevideo, Uruguay.

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1 1 APNIC Status Report LACNIC VI Mar 29 – Apr 1, 2004 Montevideo, Uruguay

2 2 Total Membership

3 3 APNIC Secretariat Staffing 1999 3 1998 5 1997 2 2000 11 2001 8 2002 4 2003 5 1996 2

4 4 Member Services Helpdesk Phone hotline - increasing use Presence at APNIC and other meetings Response time One day turnaround time on all requests Account management 8 hostmasters, teams of two per account More personal service Exchange and training visits from NIRs KRNIC (Feb), JPNIC & CNNIC (Mar)

5 5 Training Services 23 Courses during 2003 Total of 1081 trainees Some cancellations due to SARS Core courses Internet Resource Management I Internet Resource Management II Internet Resource Management Essentials Technical Courses DNS Practical Workshop (2 day) DNS Advanced Workshop (4 day) IRR Tutorial with hands-on Lab (1 day)

6 6 NIRs Training offered at NIR meetings (ID, CN, TW) SOI-Asia, Japan On-line video delivery trial AIT, Thailand Training administration support intERLab, Thailand AIT regional training centre Training Collaboration intERLab

7 7 Policy Development (APNIC16) EC endorsed decisions from APNIC16 prop-001-v001 Policy process modificationprop-001-v001 prop-002-v001 Documentation policyprop-002-v001 prop-004-v001 Lame delegation cleanup revisedprop-004-v001 prop-006-v001 Supporting historical resource transfersprop-006-v001 prop-007-v001 Privacy of customer assignment recordsprop-007-v001 prop-008-v001 IANA IPv4 resource request proceduresprop-008-v001 prop-010-v001 Protecting resource records in APNIC Whois DBprop-010-v001 prop-011-v001 IXP assignmentsprop-011-v001

8 8 Policy Development (APNIC17) Consensus proposals from APNIC17 prop-014-v001 Proposal to lower the IPv4 minimum allocation size and initial allocation criteria in the Asia Pacific regionprop-014-v001 prop-015-v001 Proposal to allocate global unicast IPv6 address space to 'unconnected' networksprop-015-v001 prop-016-v001 IPv6 allocations to IPv4 networksprop-016-v001 prop-017-v001 Proposal to recover unused address spaceprop-017-v001 prop-018-v001 Proposal to protect historical resource records in the APNIC whois DBprop-018-v001 All have been sent to SIG mailing lists for 8 week comment period If consensus, EC will be asked to endorse

9 9 Technical Services MyAPNIC secure LIR portal 528 individual users registered Version 1.3 launched APNIC17 Technical menu, includes looking glass IPv4 online request, with data pre-loading Online voting system Bulk data up & download (whois data) Integration with ticketing system Improvements in X.509 CA Hardware token engine in deployment Ongoing analysis of PKIX/s-BGP 906 certificates issued

10 10 MyAPNIC – Online voting

11 11 Regional Infrastructure Services APNIC POP APNIC DNS services, whois AU,HK,JP at present Root server instances Root servers Anycast mirror servers Agreements with F (ISC) and I (Autonomica) Deployments so far… 2003: HK, KR, CN, TW, SG 2004: AU, HK (I) EOIs: TH, MY, IN, SG, KH, VN and more

12 12 Communications APster Issue 9 just released Articles on: Internet in Malaysia APCERT in the region "The Genius of the Internet (ISOC) Available online Annual Report 2003 Available online shortly

13 13 Fiji for APNIC 18 Sheraton Resorts hotel 31 August – 3 September 2004 First time in the Pacific /upcoming/index.html /upcoming/index.html All welcome !

14 14 Questions? Thank you for listening

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