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Adiel AKPLOGAN LACNIC V – Habana November 19th 2003 STATUS UPDATE.

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1 Adiel AKPLOGAN LACNIC V – Habana November 19th 2003 STATUS UPDATE

2 Adiel AKPLOGAN © AfriNIC Introduction Today Africa is served by RIPE NCC (north of equator) and ARIN (south of equator) and APNIC Indian Ocean African ISPs agreed in a global consensus in 2000 to create their own Registry (first initiative 1997). AfriNIC - African Network Information Center Emerging Regional Internet Registry Includes part of the Indian Ocean Region Zanzibar, Seychelles, Madagascar, Mauritius.

3 Adiel AKPLOGAN © AfriNIC Activities in 2000 January st Board Meeting, Cairo, Egypt Adoption of the first AfriNIC incorporation plan (under revision). A Board Member was designated to discuss with RIRs and conclude an agreement with RIPE NCC for incubation period. Official advertisement for Hostmasters position May 2002: (AFNOG III) Board Meeting and status report to local community, Lomé TOGO Agreement signed with RIPE NCC. Received statement off support from ARIN. August 2002: 2nd public Board Meeting, Nairobi, Kenya First Staff hired.

4 Adiel AKPLOGAN © AfriNIC AfriNIC Organisation AfriNIC Board Interim secretariat Project manager Adiel AKPLOGAN WGs - Policies - RAC - … Hostmasters & Engineering Ernest Byaruhanga Adiel AKPLOGAN West Africa 1.Dr. Nii Quaynor (GH) - PR 2.Pierre Dandjinou (BJ) Afrique Centrale 1.KOUMA Cyriaque (GA) 2.Pierre M. KASENGEDIA (CD) Ocean Indien 1.Yann Kwok (MU) 2.Haja Ramboasalama (MG) Manal Ismail (EG) Ayitey Bulley (GH) Toni Theuri(KE) Wendy Loliwe (ZA) Southern Africa 1.Theo Kramer (ZA) 2.Alan Barrett (ZA) North Africa 1.Tarek Kamel (EG) 2.Zakaria Ould Amar (MR) East Africa 1.Richard Bell (KE) 2.Charles Musisi (UG)

5 Adiel AKPLOGAN © AfriNIC What happened this year Hostmaster training starts at RIPE NCC (May 2003). Call for hosting country proposals (Feb 2003). five proposals received : South Africa Kenya Mauritius Egypt Joint proposal from Ghana – Uganda – Senegal Selection of hosting countries: Via consensus from the applicants, it was decided to distribute AfriNIC activities across 4 locations (on incorporated entity). Collection of letter of support from local ISP/LIR.

6 Adiel AKPLOGAN © AfriNIC Hosting countries Mauritius HQ and legal incorporation of Afrinic South Africa Technical operations Ghana Training Coordination Egypt Mirror Center for AfriNIC Operation

7 Adiel AKPLOGAN © AfriNIC What happened this year (cont) Kampala Meeting (June 2003) AfNOG IV Activity report to local community Official announcement of selected hosting countries AfriNIC Meeting - Johannesburg (September 17 th 2003) Reviewing Terms of Reference for Hosting Countries and start negotiations Discussions about policies development process. Outreach and input from local community (There was the ISPA i-week at the same time in Johannesburg) Visit of facilities offered by SA for AfriNIC Operation (Cape town/Pretoria)

8 Adiel AKPLOGAN © AfriNIC What happened this year (cont) Finalizing agreements with hosting countries based on the Terms of Reference. Activity Report sent to local ISPs/LIRs. Transition time schedule documented and under discussion among the AfriNIC and RIRs for validation New web site designed and under revision. Lunch an information letter (Vol.1 Oct 2003) Appointment of a Project Manager (Oct 2003) Africa Address allocations from the same /8 block (196/8) by RIPE NCC and ARIN (Oct 2003)

9 Adiel AKPLOGAN © AfriNIC Upcoming Activities Other ongoing activities: Local community expression of support – ongoing Policies development ( Dec 2003) Incorporation of AfriNIC in Mauritius law ( Nov 2003) - Started Start Technical transition to AfriNIC ( Feb 2004) Application for recognition as an RIR (ICANN) – ( mid 2004)

10 Adiel AKPLOGAN © AfriNIC Support expressed Letter of support so far received (since 01/09/2003): Caix (Egypt) Menanet (Egypt) NCS (Ghana) CAFENet (Togo) Africaonline (Ghana) Gst (ghana) Wananchi (Kenya) Afribone (Mali) UUNET (kenya) IDSC (Egypt) Iservice (Togo) UIXP (Uganda) Uganda Telecom ISPA-RDC (RDC) GegaNet (Egypy) LinkEgypt (Egypt) Cote dIvoir Telecom NairobiNet (Kenya) EgyNet (Egypt) EUNet (Egypt) TeDATA (Egypt) …

11 Adiel AKPLOGAN © AfriNIC Africa Statistics APNIC 1 /1 ARIN 6 /25 RIPE NCC 24 / APNIC 2 /3 ARIN 6 /25 RIPE NCC 21 /

12 Adiel AKPLOGAN © AfriNIC Africa Statistics (cont)

13 Adiel AKPLOGAN © AfriNIC Africa region summary CIDR BlockISP/LIRsCountriesSourceAddresses APNIC ARIN Total (Afrinic ?) RIPE , ,888 2,199,082 1,236,992 /18 ~ /12 ~ /11 ~ /12

14 Adiel AKPLOGAN © AfriNIC Support from RIRs MoU signed with RIPE NCC - training of hostmaster (hired by AfriNIC) and assist AfriNIC in setting up the RIR ARIN - issued a statement of support - registration training, technical matters, transition/business planning, policy, etc.. APNIC and LACNIC expressed their willingness to support Afrinic process. LACNIC – organized the 'Emerging RIR Workshop, (Montevideo, Uruguay). The LACNIC RIR formation process was reviewed.

15 Adiel AKPLOGAN © AfriNIC End Thank you

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