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1 APRE APRE Agenzia per la Promozione della Ricerca Europea Gianluca Rossi INCO & BIO NCP APRE APRE Agenzia per la Promozione.

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1 1 APRE APRE Agenzia per la Promozione della Ricerca Europea Gianluca Rossi INCO & BIO NCP E-mail APRE APRE Agenzia per la Promozione della Ricerca Europea Gianluca Rossi INCO & BIO NCP E-mail Wien 22-23 January 2009

2 2 Who is no profit association, created in 1989 upon the initiative of the Ministry of Research and Education of the European Commission improve the quality and the quantity of Italian participation in research development and innovation EU programmes with the MISSION to

3 3 APRE as NCP Experience as NCP from 4FP In 2007 nominated by Italian Ministry of Research and Education NCP host organisation for FP7 in Italy Coordination of Italian Ministry of Research and Education No public body but with an institutional mission

4 4 Quality Certification Quality Certification for: information & assistance services training activity regarding Research programmes

5 5 National Network APRE Main office in Rome and 18 HELPDESKS in almost every Italian region 30 employees (head office)

6 6 Information Conferences News alert Publications Internet website Partner search Training Administrative management European project writing Communication of the research IPR and Consortium Agreement Assistance By telephone, email and vis a vis in APRE to: Identify theme and topic in FP7 Verify the eligibility of the proposals Pre-screen of the proposals Help in the use of the EPSS System Contract negotiation Activities as NCP Participation in European projects Assistance in: Negotiation Management of the projects Dissemination of the results Reporting From ideaTo the end of the contract

7 7 Channels and instruments information and assistance Telephone Help-line and Individual meetings National and local information days Workshops aimed at (sector or programme) national or local Meetings and activities to promote SME participation (through European projects ex.ETI) On-line information Web site HOW ITALIAN NATIONAL CONTACT POINTS OPERATE?

8 8 Channels APRE database Newsletter APRE web site

9 9 APRE database –n. of recipients: 23.567 –n. of organisations: 8.108

10 10 Partner search

11 11 NETWORK APRE Universities Industrial Federations Pubblic&Private Research Centres Credit Instituions Science Parks Industries Chambers of Commerce APREMembers APRE Regional desks Regional desks MIUR APREAPRE

12 12 Members 80 members

13 13 APRE Members Extra services to our supporting members: Training courses on their specific needs related to FP7 Co-organisation of Info days / workshops at national and regional level Working groups on specific issues (Consortium Agreement, reporting, exchange of best practices etc.) Intranet Newsletter

14 14 It is especially devoted to APREs network and allows multilateral communication within it It deals with strategic and not official information The aim is to promote an effective co-operation of all the organizations involved in APRE network APREs Intranet

15 15 Projects Benefits for our clients: European Network and International support Free assistance Organisation of national information days APREs main role in projects: Project Management Dissemination of results Communication and promotion of research Exchange of best-practices

16 16 National Contact Points 1HealthCaterina Buonocore 2Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, BiotechnologyGianluca Rossi 3Information & communication technologiesDaniela Mercurio 4Nanosciences, nanotechnologies, materials & new production technologies Martina De Sole 5EnergyChiara Pocaterra 6Environment (including Climate Change)Paola Materia 7Transport (including aeronautics)Sabrina Bozzoli 8Socio-economic Sciences and the HumanitiesMonique Longo 9SecurityIacopo De Angelis 10SpaceKeji Adunmo PeopleKatia Insogna IdeasGiovanna Maracchia – Federica Prete Capacity – InfrastructuresFrancesca Zinni Capacity – Research for the benefit of SMEsAnnalisa Ceccarelli Capacity – Research potential of convergenceKatia Insogna Capacity – Science in societyMara Gualandi Capacity –International cooperationGianluca Rossi Email EuratomChiara Pocaterra

17 17 Trainings Financial and administrative aspects of FP7 (IPR and reporting) Proposal writing Project management Explotation/dissemination of results

18 18 Results – proposals assistance From May to December 2008 Health 26Security 4 FAFB 31 Ideas 28 ICT 4People 37 NMP 4Infrastructure 1 Energy 2Research for SMEs 39 Environment 13SiS 11 Transport2INCO 6 SSH 27Tot. 249 Space 3

19 19 Strenghts Small and flexible structure Good experience as NCP Regional helpdesks Networking with other NCP organisations Link with national research infratructure Good visibility within the research comunity in Italy

20 20 Weaknesses Lack of national funds No standard NCP services for the regional helpdesks Coordination with PC and the Ministry of Research and Education

21 21 Future opportunities Networking on EU initiatives Involvment of private sector (Industry) Improvement of quality of Italian proposals Team working

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