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Welcome Steering Platform on Research for Western Balkan Countries.

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1 Welcome Steering Platform on Research for Western Balkan Countries

2 What has been done since November / December 2011 Presentation of recent developments regarding S&T cooperation in/with the WBCs

3 European Commission Bilateral meetings to assess implementation of FP7 association Monitoring of chapter 25 and prepare progress report Feasibility study on Kosovo * Horizon 2020 preparation of association modalities

4 Albania Financed modern developments of the students teaching and training. In the context of increasing investment for scientific research at the level of HEIs, the new model of financing the basic research at department level is being implemented, thus providing an opportunity to the scientific researchers of departments to select and decide upon the projects based on various calls. This financing method is going to support directly and promote effective scientific initiatives that come from departments.

5 Albania The establishment of the Inter-Ministerial Working Group (IWG) by Prime Minister Order (No. 104, dated 28 December 2011), with the primary goal: "Drafting the Albanian Action Plan to the Open Government Partnership".

6 The Ministry of Education and Science in the framework of the program "Quality and Equity in Education", with the support of the Albanian Government, World Bank, European Bank for Investment and Development, Bank of the Council of Europe, held on 3 April 2012, the Conference "Albanian Education in digital age. This Conference intended to introduce the reforms undertaken by the Albanian government aiming at the integration of ICT in Education. Albania

7 Development of international cooperation and actions on integration into ERA with Italy, Hungary, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Austria Peoples Republic of China. Albania

8 During the academic year 2011-2012 (September 2011 – May 2012) the following are financed: –32 scientific and didactic laboratories. –53 research and scientific projects aiming at providing service for PhD students. The Albanian Government continues to allocate 100 million ALL to support full studies of PhD, port-PhD, master and bachelor of Albanian students and scientists in western universities. Albania

9 Albania - Assessment and outlook Provide training and information sessions at Public and Private Universities and Research Institutions; Technical assistance on individual basis for all researchers that will apply on EU Programs.

10 Bosnia and Herzegovina IPA application for 2012 and 2013 programme; Implementation of the IPA 2010 will start soon Joint projects within the bilateral agreements with Slovenia (28) and Montenegro (15) InnoBiH conference in Sarajevo A number of FP7 promotion activities and international conferences Draft strategies and the law of the entity ministries of science

11 FYR of Macedonia (1/2) Committee for Technological Development established Relevant research,development and innovation documents and regulations under way Project for strengthening overall research capacities continues Incentives for publishing in recognized journals introduced

12 FYR of Macedonia (2/2) Increased activities towards Horizon 2020 – Business community - target - Conference Europe 2020 Towards Innovative and Inclusive Union 17 th May 2012 ; Business Excellence Show 31 st May MoU with JRC to be signed in September 2012 Access to scientific journals enhanced Positive participation in FP 7 continues

13 Montenegro Admission of Montenegro to full membership in EUREKA Strengthening scientific community – financing of 104 national projects (52,5% success rate) Strengthening human capital and innovation infrastructure capacities - "Higher education and research for innovation and competitiveness project Creation of business plan for the first Science Technology Park in Montenegro Voucher scheme for innovative SMEs project

14 Serbia New Government expected Workshop Regional R&D strategy for innovation in the Western Balkans CERN seminar in Belgrade Innovation projects approved The best technological innovation competition 2012

15 Austria New bilateral Agreement on scientific and technological cooperation between Austria and Albania Higher-KOS project: (ZSI, OeAD, WUS-Austria) support the higher education and research system in Kosovo Task Force Fostering and Building Human Capital – Capacity Building Mobility Programme EU Strategy for the Danube Region

16 Belgium New Government (6 months already) – Minister in charge of Science Policy and Development Cooperation New FP7 representatives and NCP Pegasus Mobility scheme (Flanders), several COFUND initiatives, participation to 3rd wave of HRS4R and framework research program (Federal) Scientific Visa package: seminars and information sessions – note to Embassies to make things easier for researchers Statistical compendium + online figures

17 Bulgaria (1/2) Adoption of National Research Strategy 2020 Launching of Bulgarian University Ranking System (available in English -; Bulgaria signed three MoU for participation in ESFRI projects – CLARIN; BBMRI and EURO- ARGO Bulgaria is a Member of CLARIN ERIC

18 Bulgaria (2/2) New set of bilateral research projects Bulgaria- Macedonia have been launched and are implemented Ratification of the cooperation agreement with Republic of Montenegro Signed joined MoU on e-infratsructures in South-East Europe with Greece, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova; Macedonia, Romania, Serbia and Turkey

19 Denmark General Partial Approach on Horizon 2020 ICRI 2012 was held in Copenhagen in March. The conference provided important input to the European strategy and to the implementation of the next EU Framework Programme "Horizon 2020", supporting the strengthening of a global ecosystem of research infrastructures. Conference on Europe-India cooperation in research and innovation in Brussels May 31/June 1

20 France Cooperation with Croatia Cooperation with Serbia

21 Germany The Call of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) entitled International Cooperation in Education and Research - Central, Eastern and South Eastern European Region (Regional Call for Proposals) is ongoing until December 31, 2013 The BMBF funds German scientists in projects with their WBC partners in eight research projects within the –Regional Call (3) –SEE-ERA.NET PLUS Joint Call (5) The BMBF prepares a Conference of the Research Ministers of the Danube Countries to be held on 9 July 2012 in Ulm, Germany. Topics are Research and Innovation Funding from EU Structural Funds, the EU Strategy for the Danube Region and Renewable Energies

22 Greece Review meeting for good practice examples WBC-INCO.NET Workshop within ICEIRD 2012 WBC-INCO.NET SEERA-EI: Call launched

23 Hungary Event: –07-08/03/2012: EUREKA for Smart Regions conference in Pécs, Hungary to begin exploring the regional dimension of EUREKA with a strong focus on the Western Balkan Countries Actions in progress: –EUREKA membership of Montenegro. –Intergovernmental agreement is foreseen between Hungary and Montenegro (R&D cooperation, student exchange, etc.).

24 Poland Support of EUs enlargement - signing of the Croatias EU accession treaty during the Polish Presidency, December 9, 2011 Participation in the European Energy Conference E2C, April 17, 2012, Maastricht, the Netherlands/ Session – Energy Research Opportunities in cooperation with the Western Balkans Visit of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education to Macedonia, May 21-24, 2012 Organizing of the WIRE2012 Conference, June 3-6, 2012, Cracow APOSTILLE - the REGPOT project from Serbia/ Session Centres of excellence as innovation drivers in less developed regions Ongoing legislative work on the renewed/ new cooperation agreements in culture, education and science between Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia EU12 Position Paper on Horizon 2020

25 New Romanian R&D and Innovation governance framework, from 2011 New legal framework for evaluation of research system (institutional, programme, project levels); Standards provided by ANCS; Eureka projects between RO and WBC: E! 5415 NEWCOMAT, LT-SB-RO-PL, 2011-2014, 1.2 M;E! 5415 NEWCOMAT E! 5851 FeVal, SI-SB-RO, 2011-2013, 1.01 M;E! 5851 FeVal Interim evaluation (covering 2007-2009) of the National Strategy implementation and of the PN II was completed by a consortium led by Technopolis; Initiation of discussions with Serbian authorities for a Bilateral Agreement between Romania and Serbia for S&T Cooperation! Romania

26 Slovenia New Slovenian ministry: Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport Realized Joint Board meetings for S&T cooperation with Croatia, BiH, Montenegro and Serbia app. 150 projects is beeing in realization); Planned Joint Board meeting with Macedonia – still waiting for the decision of the Macedonian Ministry of Education and Science;

27 Turkey Accession Candidates JRC Enlargement and Integration Actions Second Meeting, 30 May 2012, Istanbul –In accordance with both Enlargement countries priorities and JRCs preferences concentrated on awareness raising activities Particular subject: Water Possible future action: A joint workshop "EU FP7 People Specific Programme Success Stories Booklet" by TUBITAK Marie Curie Task Force in the framework of PeopleNetwork Project –Success stories from different countries including Croatia and FYROM from Western Balkan Countries SEERA-EI Istanbul 2012 e-Infrastructure Conference, 14-15 February 2012, Istanbul –Consortium partners from Greece, Albania, Bosnia- Herzegovina, Bulgaria, FYROM, Montenegro, Romania and Serbia were present

28 Central European Initiative - CEI Follow-up of the CEI ministerial meeting on Science & Technology (10/2011) Trieste Declaration Intensified work in the field of bio-energy: intention to participate in the next FP7 call on energy CEI Research Fellowship Programme – CERES: 4° Call for Applications finalized

29 EUREKA Membership application of Montenegro –decision by the E! MC in Budapest on 22 June 2012 EUREKA in WBCs Current project generation by WBCs –changing E! project rules for NIP and AC (2+1 1+1) Potential E! Charmanship of WBC in near future Incoming E! Chair country – Turkey (2012/2013)

30 SEE-ERA.NET PLUS Monitoring Meeting in Vienna –4 panels (23 April 2012) – progress, obstacles, recommendations –Q&A Session (24 April 2012) – satisfaction, recommendations, commercialisation –Learning opportunity for JERP partners/coordinators and the funding partners! One partner still has to transfer a share of the national funding contribution to the Joint Trust Account established at DLR Amendment for prolongation with 6 months Concluding open matters of first reporting of JERPs D2.9: DLR/ZSI prepare 2nd report on the administration and monitoring of funded projects (individual projects and budgetary aspects)

31 UNESCO Venice Office Recent Activities: Risk Preparedness on Cultural Heritage (CH) in Albania – training of CH managers held on 7-13 May; final conference held in Berat on 8 May; finalization of the assessment report on seismological risk and geo-hazard vulnerability of CH (in progress) Statistical survey on R&D in Albania – MoES-ARTI, INSTAT and UNESCO approved action plan – implementation of a new survey following international standards (in progress) Responsible science – workshop on higher education for responsible science and security in the field of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) applied science and technology, 3-4 April, Venice – a Mediterranean platform on CBRN issues was established. Chemistry – support provided to the Southeast European Network on Phytochemistry (SEE PHYTOCHEMNET) and the Chemistry of Natural Products, 16-18 May, Sofia, Bulgaria Science communication – co-organizer of the 12 th international conference on Public Communication of Science and Technology (PCST), 18-20 April in Florence, Italy – creation of a SEE Regional network of science media – funding of 8 travel grants for SEE science media MAB Program and Fresh Water Initiatives – final conference of the Policy Science Interaction (PSI)- Connect project (under FP7), 18-20 April in Venice, focused on knowledge brokering practices to facilitate interaction between policy-makers and researchers in the field of water management and climate change

32 WBC-INCO.NET Priorities in the field of Energy research Review of innovation measures good practices (and publication) Networking and presentation at ICEIRD 2012 Action Plan bottom-up call Involvement of broad user groups (more than 9,000 interested subscribers, more than 360 users on the website additionally, social media) Stakeholder coordination: European Parliament (IPA), MIRA, DG Enterprise (COSME), Danube Strategy

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