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By: Cadet First Lieutenant Elena Chamberland. Future me.

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1 By: Cadet First Lieutenant Elena Chamberland

2 Future me

3 I am.. A Daughter An Athlete A Traveler An Adventurer A Scholar

4 What I Value: Family Life Morals School and academics Friends Sports

5 Colleges I would like to attend Georgia Tech US Naval Academy Florida Tech

6 Admission Contacts Office of Undergraduate Admission Mailing: Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, Georgia 30332-0320 Phone: 404.894.4154 Fax: 404.894.9511 Email: Frequently Asked Questions What is the deadline to apply to Georgia Tech? Do I ever apply directly to the Scheller College of Business? Which AP scores are accepted by Georgia Tech? Why should I go to a business school at Georgia Tech? What is it like being on an urban campus?

7 Implications of the Engineering Field Viability for the future: Engineers are one of the most needed jobs and can work in many different fields. Employment opportunities: Any job requiring any engineering. One of the most fudnimental fields. Financial cost for education: One of the 10 highest paying college majors. Salary: Bachelors Degree: $46,976 - $86,500 Masters Degree: $60,043 - $108,050 Doctorate Degree: $62,400- $104,456 Contingency Plan: Joining the service to help pay for college and continue to getting a engineering degree.

8 Financial Considerations University Of Florida (In state) Georgia Tech (Out state) Florida Tech (Private) US Naval Academy (Service a.) Tuition$6,313 A year $28,306 A year $36,020 A year $0 A year Comparisons between the tuitions of an In state, Out of state, Private college, Service academy.

9 Timeline Junior Year Fall ( September-November) Register for PSAT Explore colleges and research college cost. Involve yourself in extracurricular activities. Winter (December- February) Study hard ( regular classes and ACT/SAT) Search for scholarships Refine your choices for college by comparing and contrasting. Spring ( March- May) Take the SAT/ACT Ask teachers for letters of recommendation (beat everyone else to it) Contact colleges for visits and interviews Construct a strong senior schedule Ace AP test in May Summer (June- August) Summer jobs to help pay for college. Start preparing your college application essays Develop a financial aid plan. Visit colleges. Senior Year Fall (September-November) Finalize your college list Consider options for early action Last chance to take SAT/ACT Fill out college applications Make an appointment with your guidance counselor and go over everything needed for college. Start college application essays Winter (December- February) Schedule college interviews Continue to hunt for scholarships Spring (March-May) Make your final decision from college responses. Verify your financial aid. Send final transcripts Cross everything off your Graduation checklist Summer (June- August) Start your last ever high school summer job Attend your colleges summer orientation Apply for student housing Prepare for your college course work

10 SAL Tracker Period1 st Quarter2 nd Quarter3 rd Quarter4 th Quarter 1 st period 98 2 nd period 100 3 rd period 92 4 th period 72 5 th period 101 6 th period100 7 th period 70 TestPUSURUNSCORE D1 24258.00 D2 D3 total Initial hours 1 st Quarter 2 nd Quarter 3 rd Quarter 4 th Quarter 67

11 300 Mile Club

12 Contingency Plan If funding becomes a problem for paying for college, my back up plan is to serve in the National Guard so they will pay for my schooling.

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