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Basileus Promotion Campaign

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1 Basileus Promotion Campaign

2 Our EU-partners: Ghent University, Belgium (coordinator) Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski, Bulgaria University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, France University of Heidelberg, Germany Alexander Technological Educational Institution of Thessaloniki, Greece University of Rome La Sapienza, Italy University of Ljubljana, Slovenia University of Deusto, Spain Lund University, Sweden Basileus Promotion Campaign

3 Our EU-partners: Academic offer General information – info per partner university Basileus Promotion Campaign

4 Our Western Balkan partners: University of Novi Sad, Serbia (joint coordinator) University of Tirana, Albania University of Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina South East European University Tetovo, Macedonia Ss. Cyril and Methodius University Skopje, Macedonia University St. Kliment Ohridski Bitola, Macedonia University of Montenegro, Montenegro University of Prishtina, Kosovo University of Belgrade, Serbia University of Kragujevac, Serbia Basileus Promotion Campaign

5 Available grants Basileus Promotion Campaign BAMAPhDPost doc StaffTotal% AL68413228 BA8104242810 MK14167274617 Kos45212145 ME8104242810 RS2630114128331 EU16158284918 Total82 (30%) 94 (35%) 40 (15%) 14 (5%) 40 (15%) 270

6 Available grants Basileus Promotion Campaign Shifts between TGs are possible – depending on quality of applications! Macedonia TG1TG2TG3 BA 6m6x1 BA 10m7x MA 6m32 MA 10m52 MA 22m121 PhD 6m2 PhD 10m22 PhD 36m1 PD 6m1 PD 10m1 Staff 1m52x

7 Applications online You dont have to fill it in in one go – you can return to the AF at any time The SUBMIT button only appears at the end, if all required fields are filled on You receive an automatic email confirming your submission – AF is attached in PDF WB nationals can choose 1 host university EU nationals can choose 2 host universities Guidelines for applicants! Basileus Promotion Campaign

8 Online application Basileus Promotion Campaign Application forms

9 Online application Basileus Promotion Campaign

10 Supporting documents List is available online and in the guidelines for applicants Language certificate language of instruction stricter for degree than for exchange Graduating in summer 2013? Upload a blank document for degree and explain your situation. However: For degree students preference might be given to applicants who can present a degree (Deusto does not accept degree applicants) Selection will be conditional, your degree will have to be presented before departure Exchange: be aware this implies you have to enroll at a Master at your home university before departing Basileus Promotion Campaign

11 Supporting documents Basileus Promotion Campaign + study plan (for BA/MA exchange students only) + study/research plan (for PhD/postdoc only) + activity plan (for staff only) A plan with a list of courses/research/activities you would like to undertake abroad. The study plan is not final yet => after selection a LA is signed. No signature from the host at application phase, only from the applicant and the home university Templates on the website

12 Tips Basileus Promotion Campaign Carefully read the project website and the guidelines for applicants before contacting the project contact persons Contact your home IRO or if you have further Write a good and original motivation letter Make sure you have all supporting documents

13 Selection Basileus Promotion Campaign 1.Academic merit (40 points) 2.Language capacity (30 points) 3.Motivation (30 points) TG 1 = first validated by home university All TGs = ranking by host university and final selection by project selection committee => balance over universities, fields of study, gender balance

14 Basileus Promotion Campaign All mobilities should start before 31 December 2013 (except staff) Once selected, you obtain: Go & return travel ticket Insurance Information & assistance from your host (visa, accommodation, courses etc..)

15 Ghent, Belgium Basileus Promotion Campaign

16 Sofia, Bulgaria Basileus Promotion Campaign

17 Nice, France Basileus Promotion Campaign

18 Heidelberg, Germany Basileus Promotion Campaign

19 Thessaloniki, Greece Basileus Promotion Campaign

20 Rome, Italy Basileus Promotion Campaign

21 Ljubljana, Slovenia Basileus Promotion Campaign

22 Deusto, Spain Basileus Promotion Campaign

23 Lund, Sweden Basileus Promotion Campaign


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