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1 THE SECOND SCIENTIFIC - PROFESSIONAL CONFERENCE ORGANIZED BY: FACULTY OF ECONOMICS UNIVERSITY OF EAST SARAJEVO & T O P I C: JAHORINA BUSINESS DAYS OF: Entrepreneurship, Gastronomy and Tourism JBD – EGT - 2013 Call for authors of papers and other participants Venue: Jahorina, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina Dates: 05. – 09. March 2013. ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND INNOVATION CENTRE- UNIVERSITY OF ZENICA

2 Co-organizers / sponsors : Ministry of Science and Technology Government of the Republic of Srpska Ministry of Economy Government of the Republic of Srpska Ministry of Education and Culture Government of the Republic of Srpska Ministry of Trade and Tourism Government of the Republic of Srpska Government of Zenica- Doboj canton City of East Sarajevo City of Sarajevo Jahorina Olympic Centre 1. day of the conference (05. 03. 2013): Welcome drink at 6 p.m. 2. day of the conference (06. 03. 2013): The presentation of works by invitation and discussion(10 a.m.- 1 p.m.) 3. day of the conference (07. 03. 2013): The presentation of papers submitted at the invitation and selected by the organizers(I section: 10a.m.- 1 p.m. ; II section: 5p.m.-7 p.m.) 4. day( 08.03.2013): Final conclusions of the conference and visits to tourist attractions of the region 5. day (09.03.2013.): Ski-day competition of the conference participants

3 Why this conference? A major challenge facing Republic of Srpska (RS) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) as a whole, and other developing countries, is how to fine-tune tourism product development and marketing strategies to meet the changing needs of the traveller, while at the same time creating sustainable industry economic benefits while reducing socio-environmental costs. Indeed, BiH is blessed with a treasure of natural diversity, historical and cultural heritage and traditions that reflect the Global tourism trends. Therefore, tourism has a strong potential for development and, if adequately planned, can play a significant role within the overall economy. Tourism, in fact occupies the central stage of both RS and FBiH (Federation of BiH) development strategies. However, there has been a noticeable lack of highly trained Human Resource personal in tourism industry RS and BiH, the key prerequisite to meet the new Industry demand. In addition, in order to create competitive tourism products and sustainable tourism development models, an entrepreneurial approach is required by both private and public sectors. The conference aims to bring together scholars and practitioners from tourism and related disciplines and sectors to discuss the underlining issues. We are committed to sustain the Conference through annual meetings (first week of March) of scholars and practitioners at the heart of a well known tourist destination, The Jahorina Sky Resort. Jahorina was part of a successful story of the 14th Winter Olympic Games held in Sarajevo in 1984. Day One: Presentations of selected topics by prominent scholars and practitioners including key policy makers and representative of relevant international institutions / organisations Day Two: Active participation of young researchers including MA and PhD students, an opportunity to discuss the most recent developments in the Theory and practice of tourism development Day Three: Organisation of a special event Jahorina Nordic Skiing Open Championships for the Conference participants

4 Why this conference at the Jahorina? Jahorina (Serbian/Bosnian: Jahorina, Serbian Cyrillic: Јахорина pronounced [jâxorina]), is a mountain in south-eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina, located in Pale, Republika Srpska. It borders fellow Olympic mountain Trebević. Jahorina is 1913 meters (6276 feet) tall, making it the second tallest of Sarajevo's mountains, behind Bjelašnica.SerbianBosnianSerbian Cyrillic[jâxorina]Bosnia and HerzegovinaPaleRepublika SrpskaTrebevićBjelašnica Like other three mountains, Igman, Bjelašnica and Trebević, Jahorina is a popular destination for a variety of outdoor sports and activities. During the 1984 Winter Olympics, Jahorina was the site of the women's alpine skiing events. Today, Jahorina remains a popular destination for skiing, hiking, and sledding, with over 40 km of ski trails and modern facilities.Igman1984 Winter Olympicsskiinghikingsledding

5 Topics from the special interest of JBD-EGT-2013 conference are: Economic Growth and Development Regional and Rural Development Cross-Border Cooperation Alternative forms The competitiveness Innovations Labor market and human capital Environment Taxes The political importance Transport Sport and health Quality Other topics of interest Refers to: Entrepreneurship; Gastronomy; Tourism

6 Assistant prof. dr. sc Ljubiša Vladušić, president, Faculty of Economics, UES Prof. dr sc Darko Petković, director of EIC UNZE Prof. dr sc Stevan Trbojević, Vice-rector of UES Prof. dr sc Radoslav Grujić, Vice-rector of UES Senior assistant Mirza Oruč, EIC UNZE, secretary of the Conference Assistant Sanja Prodanović, Faculty of Economics, UES, secretary of the Conference Prof. dr sc Grujo Bjeković, UES Prof. dr sc Jovo Ateljević, Faculty of Economics, UNBL Prof. dr sc Slavko Ždrale, Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, UES Assistant prof. dr sc Goran Mutabdžija, Faculty of Philosophy, UES Assistant prof. dr sc Nino Serdarević, EIC UNZE Assistant prof. dr sc Mladen Rebić, Faculty of Economics, UES Senior assistant Dženan Kulović, EIC UNZE Mrs. Vera Macura, manager directior of UES Mr. Aleksandar Pastir, Banja Luka, Banja Luka Rafting Center Mr. Branko Koroman, director, Olimpic Centre, Jahorina Mr. Nenad Koprivica, City Development Agency, East Sarajevo Student Aleksandar Glavaš, Parlament of students, UES Organizing Committee of the Conference

7 Scientific Committee of the Conference Dr. Sc Ateljević Jovo, Faculty of Economics UNBL, president Dr. Sc Andrijić Stijepo, Faculty of Economics, UES Dr. Sc Bašić Hazim, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, UNSA Dr. Sc Vladušić Ljubiša, dean, Faculty of Economics, UES Dr. Sc Vučetić Aleksa, vice-dean, FTH Kotor, UNCG Dr. Sc Vukoje Božo, Tourism Association of BiH Dr. Sc Grujić Radoslav, vice- rector, UES Dr. Sc Dragović Vaso, Faculty of Economics, UES Dr. Sc Dabić Marina, Faculty of Economics, UN of Zagreb Dr. Sc Dulčić Želimir, Faculty of Economics, University Split Dr. Sc Đerić Branko, Faculty of Economics, UES Dr. Sc Đurić Aleksandar, Faculty of Economics, UES Dr. Sc Đogić Rifet, EIC UNZE Dr. Sc Žilić Ivana, College of Šibenik Dr. Sc Zečević Bojan, Faculty of Economics, UN. of Belgrade Dr. Sc Jere Lazanski Tadeja, vice- rector, UN. of Primorska Dr. Sc Jović Goran, Faculty of Economics, UES Dr. Sc Kuljić Rajko, Faculty of Economics, UES Dr. Sc Lajović Dragan, dean, Faculty of Economics Podgorica, UN of Montenegro Dr. Sc Lojpur Anđelko, vice-rector, UN. of Montenegro Dr. Sc Maraš Vesna, University of Donja Corica, Montenegro Dr. Sc Magaš Dragan, Faculty of Turisam, Opatija Dr. Sc Miškinis Algirdas, Faculty of Economics, Vilnius University Dr. Sc Mihail Morozov, Russian Economic-Trade University Moscow, Russia Dr. Sc Markić Brane, dean, Faculty of Economics, University of Mostar Dr. Sc Mađarević Mirjana, Pedagogical Faculty, UNZE Dr. Sc Nedanovski Pece, Faculty of Economics, Macedonia Dr. Sc Osmanković Jasmina, Faculty of Ecomomics, UNSA Dr. Sc Petković Darko, Vice-rector, UNZE Dr. Sc Popović Ranko, Faculty of Biotechnology, UN of Montenegro Dr. Sc Popović Stevan, dean, University of Mediteran, Podgorica Dr. Sc Pržulj Danko, dean, Faculty of Physical Education andSport,UES Dr. Sc Plakalović Novo, Faculty of Economics, UES Dr. Sc Pešić-Andrijić Mira, Faculty of Economics, UES Dr. Sc Perović Đurđica, dean, FTH Kotor Dr. Sc Ratković Rade, dean, FPB Budva Dr. Sc Rađo Izet, Faculty of Sport, UNSA Dr. Sc Stanić Stanko, rector, UNBL Dr. Sc Schulte Peter, Director of the Institute for European Affairs, Gelsenkirchen, Germany Dr. Sc Stojanović Aleksandar, Faculty of Economics, UES Dr. Sc Skender Hajrudin, EIC UNZE Dr. Sc Serdarević Nino, EIC UNZE Dr. Sc Spremo Tihomir, Faculty of Economics, UES Dr. Sc Trbojević Stevan, vice- rector, UES Dr. Sc Troshani Arjeta, dean, Faculty of Economics, University of Skadar, Albania Dr. Sc Ćatić Refik, vice-rector, UNZE Dr. Sc Čorak-Weber Sanda, Institute of Turisam, Zagreb Dr. Sc Džeko Šemsudin, Tourism Association of BiH Dr. Sc Šarčević Marko, Faculty of Economics, UES Dr. Sc Šain Željko, dean, Faculty of Economics, UNSA Dr. Sc Šerić Neven, Faculty of Economics, University of Split

8 Honorary Committee of the Conference Prof. dr sc Mitar Novaković, Rector of the University of East Sarajevo Prof. dr sc Sabahudin Ekonović, Rector of the University of Zenica Mr. Aleksandar Džombić, Prime Minister of the Republic of Srpska Mr. Fikret Pljevljak, Prime Minister of Zenica- Doboj canton Prof. dr sc Jasmin Komić, Minister of Science and Technology, Government of the Republic of Srpska Mr. Bakir Ajanović, Minister of Trade and Tourism, Government of the Republic of Srpska Mr. Anton Kasipović, Minister of Education and Culture, Government of the Republic of Srpska Mayor Vinko Radovanović, City of East Sarajevo Mayor Alija Behmen, City of Sarajevo

9 Submission of the papers Papers must be sent in electronic form at all three e-mails of assistants or on CD in Word or PDF format to the address: University of East Sarajevo For JBD-EGT-2013 Alekse Šantića 3 71420 Pale, East Sarajevo, Republic of Srpska Bosnia and Herzegovina The scope of work is up to 10 pages. Arial 11 pt, 14 pt headlines, information about authors 10 pt. All the margins 2.5 cm. Abstracts of papers should be written to the volume of one A4 page with information about the authors of papers and title of the work. Papers should be submitted in bosnian, croatian, serbian, slovenian, macedonian and montenegrian language and optionally in the english language. The conference fee is: 100,00 EUR The conference fee includes the following: a copy of Conference Proceedings and accompanying materials, admission to all sessions and presentations, refreshments, welcome drink. The final papers should be submitted by 01. February 2013 and the previous application of papers (title and authors) should be made by 20 December 2012 to the addresses: Information- secretary of the Conference: Any information about the conference can be obtained in electronic form or on the phone from members of the Organizing Committee: Sanja Prodanović, assistant..... Tel. : + 387 57 226 651 e- mail: Mob.: +387 65 537 516 Dženan Kulović, assistant..........Tel. : + 387 32 444 421 e- mail: Mirza Oruč, assistant...................Mob.: +387 61 753 191 e- mail: Mob.: +387 63 507 561

10 Accommodation- HOTEL BOARD 4* Board Hotel is located on the main road between Poljice and Hotel Bistrica, at 1.550 m above sea level, in the very heart of the ski center on the main road and only 150 m from the slopes and lifts "Poljice". All ski slopes and lifts of Ski Centre Jahorina are easily and quickly available. Hotel Board possesses its own parking for guests. It offers a total of 98 beds in 25 double and triple rooms and 5 studios and a luxury suite. Comfortable rooms and apartments are equipped with central heating, telephone, satellite TV, mini bar. Accommodation at the hotel is on half board basis (bed, breakfast, dinner). Board Hotel offers its guests, and guests of VIP Jahorina, the use of luxurious, newly built wellness center with saunas, a swimming pool, rooms for relaxation, massage, if desired. Within the hotel there are modern restaurant offering specialties of local and international cuisine and Board club for socializing with discreet music in pleasant surroundings, as well as ski in ski equipment. For relaxation and enjoyment, guests can use sauna, and there is a rink 150 m away. Contact information Web site: ; Tel. : +387 57 270 E-mail: ; Tel/Fax: + 387 57 270

11 Accommodation- HOTEL TERMAG 4* Termag Hotel Jahorina is a modern four-star hotel offering a wide range of events and activities all year round. The hotel is located in the centre of the Jahorina Mountain Olympic Ski Centre, next to ski slopes and ski lift, at an altitude of 1550m above sea level. Termag Hotel offers 18 comfortable rooms and 13 suites equipped with modern comforts such as mini bar, satellite TV and Internet. All hotel premises are air-conditioned. Each room also has an underground parking place reserved for the occupant guest. The hotel restaurant offers local and international cuisine specialities and a wide selection of wines and can host up to 120 persons. For a more complete and unique mountain experience, enjoy the Kamin hall (sala) and the ethnic restaurant Koliba, which are part of the Hotel complex. Professional staff in the childrens playroom is also at your disposal ensuring safety and entertainment for your children during your stay. They offer a wide selection of Hotel services, including swimming pool, sauna, steam bath, Jacuzzi, fitness centre, solarium and SPA&Wellness Centre. In addition, you can rent or buy skiing equipment or sign up for skiing lessons in our Hotel. In close proximity of the Hotel, next to the ski slope, Koliba Restaurant is situated offering delicious meals during the day and excellent entertainment in the evening.

12 Accommodation- HOTEL VUČKO 4* This modern hotel is situated in Jahorina, 28 km from Sarajevo. It houses a wine bar, lounge area with fireplace and a spa centre with jacuzzi and massages. Free public Wi-Fi is provided. The apartments have free wired internet access, air conditioning and flat-screen satellite TV. They come with a private kitchen, a work desk and safe. The bathrooms have a shower, toiletries and a hairdryer. Aparthotel Vucko offers free child care services, a souvenir shop and a hair salon. There is also a pharmacy, a book shop and other shops. Manicure and pedicure services are available as well. The Poljice ski slope is 50 metres away and there are many ski lifts in the vicinity. Ski equipment can be rented and ski storage is provided as well. Free private parking is provided outside the hotel. Parking in the hotel's garage is available against a fee.

13 Accomodation - other hotels... : HOTEL PAHULJICA 3* Hotel BISTRICA 3* Hotel KRISTAL 3*

14 JBD- EGT- 2013 WELCOME !


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