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Byron, Shelley, and Keats

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1 Byron, Shelley, and Keats
The Second Wave of Romantic Poetry

2 George Gordon, Lord Byron
NTK Born in Scotland At age 10, when his cousin died in battle he became Baron of Rochdale (Lord) He died in Greece on a vacation at age 36.

3 Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage
Read the background on page 721 Canto 1 What is most important to the speaker? What does he want to be able to express? Canto 4 How does he feel about his writing? How has the speaker changed?

4 Percy Bysshe Shelley NTK: 1792-1822 (died at 30!)
At 19 he eloped with a 16 year old girl and they ran from both their families. Three years later he left her and ran away with the 17 year old Mary Godwin and married her. NTK: His wife, Mary Shelley was also a famous writer, most known for her work - Frankenstein In 1822 his boat was caught in a storm and he drowned in Italy.

5 Ozymandias Turn to page 731 Questions:
In what part of the world does this take place? What is the setting like? What does the speaker see on the ground? Who was Ozymandias? How do you think the sculptor felt about Ozymandias?

6 John Keats Lived a tragic life NTK Orphaned at age 14
Had very poor health all his life Was not allowed to marry his love due to his poverty and sickness NTK His life of struggle inspired his poetry He lived from , dying at the age of 26.

7 When I Have Fears Turn to page 748 Questions
What does the first line mean? Why might it be appropriate, given what you know about Keats’s life? What is he afraid he’ll never get the chance to do?

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