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Day 3.

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1 Day 3

2 A Day’s Work Author: Eve Bunting Illustrator: Ronald Himler
Skill: Character and Visualization Genre: Realistic Fiction

3 Question of the Day What do you think will happen the next time Francisco and his abuelo are looking for work?

4 Words to Know excitement gardener motioned sadness shivered shocked slammed

5 More Words to Know convinced coarse

6 excitement a condition of having strong, lively feelings about something that you like

7 gardener someone who cares for a garden or lawn

8 motioned made a movement, as of the hand or head, to get someone to do something

9 sadness unhappiness; sorrow

10 shivered shook with cold, fear, or excitement

11 shocked caused to feel surprise, horror, or disgust

12 slammed threw or hit something with great force

13 Small Group Read “A Day’s Work”, pages 186 – 192
Before we take our selection test, we will do the Reader Response at the end of the story together.

14 Reader Response Open for Discussion What do you think happened to Francisco and his grandfather the next day and the day after that and the day after that? The author, Eve Bunting, has written more than a hundred stories. How do you think she got the idea for A Day's Work? Think Like an Author 1. What can you say about Francisco? What was he like? What words would you use to describe him? Character 2. What picture did you have in your mind of Francisco and his grandfather working in the hot sun? How did that help you as you read? Visualize 3.

15 Look Back and Write On page 191 Ben says, "The important things your grandfather knows already." Explain what Ben means when he says that. Use details from the story. Write in your writing journal.

16 Test Time! It’s time for the selection test. Do you very best!

17 Fluency I will read aloud p. 188.
Notice how I pretend to be the characters as I read what they say. Let’s practice as a class by doing three choral readings.

18 Grammar Day 3

19 Most farmers don't work in citys but some gardeners do.
Most farmers don’t work in cities, but some gardeners do. What pritty plants those are. What pretty plants those are!

20 Using specific nouns, both singular and plural, makes writing more vivid.
Review something you have written to see if you can improve it by changing general nouns to more vivid, specific ones.


22 Spelling Day 3

23 Write a List Write a list using at least three spelling words.
The topic could be a shopping list, a list of things to do, or a list of favorite things.


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