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Dear Juno Vocabulary and Amazing Words

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1 Dear Juno Vocabulary and Amazing Words
Second Grade Reading

2 Vocabulary envelope persimmons photograph smudged

3 envelope A folded paper cover.

4 persimmons Round, yellow, and orange fruit about the size of a plum.

5 photograph A picture you make with a camera.

6 smudged Marked with a dirty streak.

7 Amazing Words correspond postage transport cove footprint deaf imitate
sign language

8 correspond to communicate with another person (e.g. letters, text message, )

9 postage The money you pay to send a letter or something you want to mail.

10 transport To carry something somewhere.

11 cove A small part of a sea or lake partly surrounded by land.

12 footprint The mark your foot makes when you step on something.

13 deaf To not be able to hear well or at all.

14 imitate To try to act like or to be like the person or thing.

15 sign language A way of talking by making signs with your hands to communicate.

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