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Compounds Science Anytime-Harcourt Brace

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1 Compounds Science Anytime-Harcourt Brace
Write On Grade 5

2 Learner Expectations:
Content Standard: 13.0 Interactions of Matter The student will investigate the interactions of matter. Learning Expectations: 13.1 Describe the types of changes that result from interactions of matter.

3 In this activity you will:
learn about compounds and how they are formed. write a paragraph using the facts that you find.

4 Compounds Compounds are formed when atoms of different elements are combined. When the elements are combined their identities change.

5 Water: Water is formed from hydrogen and oxygen.
Both elements are gases. When combined they turn to a liquid. Hence their identities change.

6 Analogy: Think of elements as letters of the alphabet and compounds as words formed by combining the letters. We can spell all of the English words with just 26 letters. We can form millions of compounds with just 109 elements. Ex: Sodium(Na) + Chlorine(CI) = Salt(NaCI)

7 Forming Compounds: What type of change occurs when forming compounds?
Chemical changes Do the characteristics of an element change when combined with another? Yes What happens when 2 or more elements combine and their properties change? A compound is formed

8 Writing Activity Write a paragraph explaining how a compound is formed. Include the components combined to form the compound. Use the periodic table and give an example of a compound.

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